Marketing Led of Turkish Airlines

Topics: Lufthansa, Airline, Flag carrier Pages: 5 (1696 words) Published: January 18, 2012
To: Adrian Edwards
From: Guler kaya
Date: 03 November 2011
Report title: The marketing plan of Turkish Airlines
1 Introduction / Terms of Reference
The report will be concluded with an overall summary of the company situation, market share and evaluation of its future marketing activities. The objective of this marketing plan is further developing Turkish airlines market share in 2010/11 period through marketing program and initiatives. Savoir of the Turkish nation and motherland, founder of the Republic on 16 February 1925 guidance of the Great Leader Ataturk "Turkish Aeronautical Association" was founded under the name of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, the Great Turkish nation living with the material and moral support, embrace and love of aviation is an organization working for .Turkish Aeronautical Association, not political activity, not only is an organization working in areas related to aviation. The Authority technical and administrative matters, shall cooperate with the Air Force, Air Force will ask the opinion of the principle decisions before creating. Turkish Aeronautical Association, 5 August 1925 by the Council of Ministers was among the non-profit associations. The Authority is a member of the International Aeronautical Federation, Turkey, and Aeronautical Federation is the authority. The President and Cabinet, the spiritual guardians of the Turkish Aeronautical Association. The Agency's headquarters in Ankara. Turkish airlines celebrated 75th year in civil aviation in 2008, where they started with only 19 seat capacity, now making plans to be one of the major players of the global market. Turkish Airlines Inc., or Turk Hava Yollari A.O. (THY), is the flag carrier of Turkish air transportation. Its 70 aircraft comprise one of the youngest fleets in Europe. More than ten million passengers a year fly THY's network of 100 destinations, three-quarters of them international. THY was formed in 1933 as a domestic carrier. It built up an international network after World War II but eventually was hindered by mishaps and poor customer relations. The airline began a turnaround in the mid-1980s. It slowly began a privatization process in 1990, when 2 percent of stock was floated. This was accelerated in late 2004 with the offering of an additional 20 percent of shares. Profit of TL 107 trillion in 2004 to 12 million passengers, Turkish airline companies that serve technical e.g. KLM, SAS, FLY AIR, DELTA Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Olympic Airways, Sun Express, MNG Airway much like company plane maintenance of domestic and foreign repairs Turkey. Turkish airlines representation in the world will announce the name of the biggest brand in the future growth around the globe Turkish Airlines experienced and quality through the in the former has a superior power, and quality of all working team is growing. Class caters best to the world economy Turkish airline 1.060 of the world arrive at the of as the number of passengers and the quality of Europe's fastest growing, developing airway, they are a huge family of 15 thousand persons in the service of the world. In addition 1 year in the city of the world in more than 160 humanitarian blew more than 25 million and a third of Europe's best airline company. Turkish Airlines Industry

THY had some features that makes it strong in the sector. First of all, THY charges close to a discount-airline. Secondly, it offers a business class service on both overseas and domestic flights. Moreover, THY offers a frequent flyer program (an example to this is; Miles&Smiles) Fourthly, it competes with international and domestic airlines and long distance inter-city bus services (through price cuts). Finally, THY had the best landing slots (in Istanbul & Ankara) and it is the only Turkey based international carrier.  Unfortunately, THY has some weaknesses such as; acting   like a legacy airline, but does not qualifying as one. Furthermore, THY is not a name brand.  ...
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