Marketing Laundry Detergent Bars in the Philippines

Topics: Laundry detergent, Marketing, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 7 (2243 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Marketing Laundry Detergent Bars in the Philippines
Introduction, Benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility, Packaging and Conclusion Redmond Yu
(Juro Ongkiko, Robert Tan, Kevin Cheu)
High 3F (Academic), Xavier School
School Year 2010-2011

. I. Introduction
A. Today’s Market
. B. Two Brands
. 1) Tide
. 2) Surf
Thesis Statement: Comparing our product, Cleanex, with prominent rival brands, Tide and Surf, in terms of benefits, corporate social responsibility and packaging is integral in marketing a new laundry detergent product. II. Benefits

. A. Tide
. B. Surf
. C. Cleanex
. III. Corporate Social Responsibility
. A. Tide
B. Surf
C. Cleanex
IV. Packaging
A. Tide
B. Surf
. C. Cleanex
. VI. Conclusion
. A. Meeting Marketing Demands
. B. Overall Appeal
C. Seeing the Reality of Marketing

Marketing Laundry Detergent Bars in the Philippines
Benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Packaging

Raymond Albert G. Antonio, marketing manager for the laundry and home care division for Henkel Philippines Inc., mentioned that laundry detergent bars account for 44 percent of the laundry detergent market here in the Philippines (Arceo-Dumlao, 2010). Meanwhile, Antonio’s superior, Henkel Philippines President Dr. Norman Goldberg, says, “The detergent market is a very huge market, but very competitive players are engaged in cut-throat competition. (German detergent, 2010).”

The detergent market, in itself, is comprised of several subdivisions that include powder detergent, detergent bars. While some may think that one variant is superior over the other, both are formulated to help the consumer arrive at a cleaner set of clothes. This claim is backed by the laundry guidebook co-authored by Betty Faust and Maria Rodale when it says that laundry room supplies should include a “bar of ivory soap” or “powdered detergent” (Faust & Rodale, 2001)

According to a population estimate by the National Statistics Office, the Philippine population should be would have been about 94,013,200 last 2010. With this said, even managing to hold single digit percentages in the laundry detergent market should be able to generate a lot of income, which could, in turn, be used as further investment for the growth of the company and its product. (“2000 Census-based”, 2006)

In order to highlight this company’s product in the laundry detergent bar division with regards to its quality and projected performance in the Philippine market, this report will compare and contrast the aforementioned product with top-selling brands Tide and Surf.

Tide, a product of international conglomerate Proctor & Gamble (P&G), debuted in the Philippine market as Tide Detergent Powder back in 1957 to become the pioneer of detergent powder in the Philippines before the company decided to tighten its grip on the market by introducing a detergent bar variant (P&G Philippines, n.d.).

Meanwhile, Surf, a product of multi-national consumer goods producer Unilever PLC, has also been a top-seller in the Philippine market.
With the enormity of the task ahead of the makers of Cleanex detergent bar, they must be able to compare with Tide and Surf in terms of effectiveness, social corporate responsibility, packaging, and appeal.



Proctor & Gamble did not achieve its current stature as a multi-national conglomerate, with ease. Along with hard work and cooperation, the company has always sticked to its mantra of “providing branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s...
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