Marketing Implications

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Marketing Implications of Advertising

In a lot of ways graphic design could be intertwined with marketing and how both work together. One big topic is advertising and how effective it is on the consumer. It is important to make any given product or service an eye-catching look to it. Without this it is very hard to bring attention to the product. In order to be successful in advertising the product you have to make the consumer want it before they knew they wanted it. A lot of that can come from how you advertise it.

The picture of the product in the advertisement has to look better then the actual product. If you can manage that then your advertisement is pretty successful. Take for example Victoria Secret; they have some of the best models to showcase all of their products. More specifically their bathing suits, not only do they have to make the product look its very best but also make you have to have it. The graphic designer is relied on for a lot of this work. Although these models are gorgeous, there are always some touching up to do. It is said that you are given a matter of seconds to draw the consumer in. Whether that is a customer walking by a store window, walking down an isle, or a billboard on Interstate 95, you have to have simple words with a strong concept and hard to miss.

Myself as a graphic designer it is also important to meet the standards of whatever company I am working for. Making sure that I am meeting the standards they required in the advertisements. The graphic designer has to design an ad that portrays what the company is about and still holds the identity of the company. So when the consumer glances at the advertisement for those short couple seconds they will know what they’re looking at and who’s advertisement it is. Instantly identifying an ad to a certain company is a very important factor when considering any advertisement.

It is important for ads to have their own uniqueness to them. As a graphic designer, we...
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