Marketing Design and Innovation

Topics: Cathode ray tube, Television, Plasma display Pages: 9 (2997 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Marketing Assignment

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Arguments for and against the Product5
From Luxury to Necessity6
Critical analysis and the Development over time6
Current Market Scenario10
Customer Segmentation10
Price Differentiation11
Market Segmentation11
The Future Outlook12

Executive Summary

An attempt has been made through this paper to understand the evolution and development of televisions from the marketing perspective. This paper discusses the shortcomings which were noticed by manufacturers which initiated a chain of constant innovation and improvement. It also gives useful insights on the evolution of television and its positive/negative impact.

Growth is the only evidence of life (Newman, 2010). This statement holds true not only for life but for other things as well. As people evolved, the things surrounding them also did. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that electronics developed out of proportion; since, every day something new is added to the market. Everything boils down to creating value for the customer, all the research and development done by companies is to understand the need of consumers and create a product or service which caters to their need. (Armstrong, 1996) The extent to which a business organisation goes to know their customers is baffling. Coke actually knows how chilled the Can should be when it comes out of the vending machine, it knows how many people like to have coke with their breakfast. Companies go a long way to understand their consumers so that they can provide value, satisfaction and quality. This paper studies how televisions developed over the years, how the needs and wants of consumers changed and what efforts did companies put in to provide the best to the consumers and establish themselves in the market. The Evolution of television

During the 1940s, radio was slowly being replaced by television. However, most though that it will lose its charisma as time passes as people will get bored of watching people on a small screen. No one ever fathomed that televisions will gain so much popularity. During the time of World War II, television underwent some rapid developments. The manufacturers actually realized the potentials it had and how it can be used to reach the masses. Television studios started airing shows on a trial basis and received a positive response. During the post World War II, some shows were aired regularly and people started recognizing the element of entertainment in television. Although the shows aired at that time were nowhere close to the shows we see these days. The quality was poor and the performance was not up to the mark but it was some sort of visual entertainment. By 1948, it had become a sensation. Having a television was kind of a luxury and those who did have this luxury back then, often had to entertain lots of guests who used to stop by to have a look at the television. The 1950s were the golden age of television, where it gained endless popularity. The people who acted on various shows became stars overnight. Radio almost vanished and most of the radio shows were converted into television shows. The box with a screen ruled the world of entertainment since then.

Arguments for and against the Product
The whole world was gripped by this phenomenon. As the TVs became a bit affordable, everyone wanted to buy one. This is when questions started popping in the minds of people regarding addiction to TV. Critics believe that TV has inculcated a deep necessity of entertainment in people. Rather than looking for productive ways for spending their spare time people enjoyed sitting idly in front of their television sets. It sparked a series of debates on whether people should have television in their homes or not, with a special mention of raising kids with television. The discussion on this topic is never ending. People who do not favour...
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