Marketing Communication on Astro

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Advertising Pages: 17 (4606 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Astro will conduct a marketing campaign for Astro Byond from 26th November 2011 – 7th December 2011. The marketing objectives are to create awareness on Astro Byond, attract more customers for gain more sales and increase Astro market share in Malaysia broadcasting industry. In this report, a research done on broadcasting industry situation analysis, SWOT and PEST analysis to understand the challenges that Astro face in this industry. In this marketing communication, I will use marketing elements such as Exhibitions and Personal Selling as main activities and Advertisement, Letters & Brochures and Partnership Promotions as supporting activities. The Marketing strategy will assist each marketing element to achieve the Astro Byond marketing objectives. In this report also have proposed budget and costing that will use in this campaign. Finally, this report also includes the method to measure the effectiveness of the marketing communication elements which will take place on Astro Byond Marketing Campaign.  

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction6
2.0 Situation Analysis6
2.1.2 Economic7
2.1.3 Social7
2.1.4 Technology7
2.2 SWOT Analysis of Astro8
2.2.1 Strengths8
2.2.2 Weaknesses8
2.2.3 Opportunities8
2.2.4 Threats8
2.3 Market Trend9
2.4 Competitors Analysis9
2.4.1 Free-to-air Televisions9
2.4.2 Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)9
2.5 Astro Current Market Positions11
3.0 Marketing Campaign Launch Date12
3.1 Budget12
4.0 Objectives12
4.1 Corporate Objectives12
4.2 Marketing Objectives12
4.3 Marketing Communication Objectives12
5.0 Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning13
5.1 Segmentation13
5.2 Targeting13
5.3 Positioning13
6.0 Marketing Communication Elements14
6.1 Elements of marketing communication involved with reasons for selection14 6.1.1 Exhibition (Main Activity)14
6.1.2 Personal Selling (Main Activity)14
6.1.3 Advertisement (Supporting Activity)15
6.1.4 Letter & Brochures (Supporting Activity)15
6.1.5 Partnership Promotion (Supporting Activity)15
7.0 Marketing Communication Strategies16
7.1 Strategy for each marketing communication method selected16 7.1.1 Exhibition (Main Activity)16
7.1.2 Personal Selling (Main Activity)17
7.1.3 Advertisement (Supporting Activity)17
7.1.4 Letter & Brochures (Supporting Activity)18
7.1.5 Partnership Promotion (Supporting Activity)18
8.0 Cost Listing19
8.1 Exhibition19
8.2 Personal Selling19
8.3 Advertisement20
8.4 Letters & Brochures20
8.5 Partnership Promotions20

9.0 Methods for measuring the effectiveness of each MC Elements21 9.1 Exhibition21
9.2 Personal Selling21
9.3 Advertisement21
9.4 Letters & Brochures21
9.5 Partnership Promotions22
10.0 Conclusion22
Appendix 1.0 Proposed Marketing Communication & Element with Budget25 Appendix 2.026
Appendix 2.1 Subscription Form26
Appendix 2.2 Term and condition27
Appendix 2.3 Promotion Pamphlets with Sales representatives contact number28 Appendix 3.029
Appendix 3.1 Advertisement29
Appendix 3.2 Advertisement30
Appendix 3.3 Advertisement31
3.4 Advertisement32
Appendix 3.5 Advertisement33
Appendix 4.034
Appendix 4.1 Letter to customer on Astro Byond Campaign34
Appendix 4.2 Brochures35
Appendix 4.3 Brochures36
Appendix 4.4 Astro Byond HD and Byond PVR Brochures37
Appendix 5.038
Appendix 5.1 Astro Byond Special Cover Letter38
Appendix 5.2 Reply Paid Cover Letter39
Appendix 5.3 Byond Subscription Form with Brochure40
Appendix 6.041
Appendix 6.1 Partnership Promotion41
Appendix 6.2 Partnership Promotion42
Appendix 6.3 Partnership Promotion43
Appendix 6.3 Partnership Promotion Voucher44
Appendix 6.4 Partnership Promotion Coupon45
Appendix 6.4 Partnership Promotion (Partners and Products)46

1.0 Introduction
This report develops to support Astro marketing communication campaign for the lunch of the...
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