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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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FIN-1103: Principles of Marketing Assignment Details

Dear students, this document will give you the detail idea about your module assignment. This assignment consist two parts i.e. one write up and a presentation. First we discuss about the write up’s outline then about the presentation. Well, let’s see…. The write up: As you know, marketing mainly deals with the value of the product. We have to add superior value to our product to capture the customer base. All the participant of the market makes a value proposition to win the customer and at the end of the day they sell their product. A particular product captures the market according to its level of value creation. In our daily life we see lots of product around us consist this value creation example. Our job in this assignment is to analyze a brand picked from the following list. Table 1.1: Name of the product Pepsodent Sunsilk shampoo Akij foods and Beverage limited Pran Vaseline Apex Partex Cats eye Close up Clear Shampoo Dove Square foods Fair and lovely Jenny’s Hatil Arong Colgate Coca cola Meril Bombay Ponds Bay Ecstacy Rong Sansodyne Pepsi Tibet ACI Bata Otobi Texmart Deshal

A particular group will pick a unique product from the list and write on the following concept for that product.             Brief product facts Industry analysis i.e. identification of rivals, strength of rivals etc. SWOT Analysis Marketing Mix Micro- and Macro- environment analysis Segmentation and Targeting analysis BCG Matrix analysis Positioning map Value proposition analysis Levels of a product analysis Position in Product Life Cycle (PLC) Price analysis

These parts need to be completed within 15 pages (A4 size, Font Calibri 11pt, line space 1.2, paragraph gap 6 pt, justified). The write up should be submitted as follows:

   

Title fly Submission details i.e. Submitted to, Submitted by etc. Analysis outlined above Any additional items in the appendix.

Then you have to submit this assignment...
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