Marketing Assignment for Fast Food Joint

Topics: Marketing, Operating expense Pages: 6 (1031 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Executive Summary:
A hypothetical fast food outlet set up by 3 entrepreneurs. As the name suggests, the joint will cater to the ‘quick bite’ / fast-food needs of today’s consumers – predominantly wraps/rolls. Strategically located on BEL road in Bangalore, the company plans to open at least 10 more outlets in the city over the next 2 years through the franchise route. The restaurant is currently in operations from a year and getting a very good response mainly from the youth of surrounding area as its strategically located near schools and colleges.

Target Group:
Targeting the upwardly mobile consumers, the outlet will cater to the huge number needs of students and corporate in the vicinity. As the youth as well as the corporate and office crowd generally prefer quick snack for lunch or evening time this has been the best preferred place for everybody.

USP:( Unique Selling Preposition)
The outlet while housing a state-of-the-art kitchen will otherwise having an unfinished look. The walls to begin with, will be unpainted. Spray paint cans shall be kept at the outlet, which the consumers can use to paint the walls with graffiti, leaving their “signatures” on the wall. This will make the consumers feel the place is theirs and will become an “adda” of sorts. Mainly targeting the youth the place have been purposefully designed in such a way that the wall have been kept unpainted and every time a group of student who comes to have a bite will be scribbling whatever they want provided its in acceptable manner so as to create a feeling of a youth kind of place “adda”.

The menu shall initially been a simple of only wraps/rolls. They shall be available in 3 different sizes and also available with option of veg as well as non veg. -Wrap-it-up: Small size
-Gangsta Wrap: Medium Size
-Rock ‘n’ rolla: Jumbo roll.

With over 5000 students and over 5 IT companies in the vicinity, BEL road provides the company an ideal platform and that is why restaurant has been doing reasonable well here from last one year right from the day it’s been started. BEL road currently only houses Andhra restaurants, Chinese restaurants and darshinis. The company also offers door delivery for households in a 2 km radius.

With prices ranging from Rupees 25 – 40 for the rolls, it makes for easy-on-the-wallet snack/meal option. As this restaurant has been only focusing more on the youth in their first year of operations the rates have been strategically designed which attracts more and more customers so as to build up the awareness and existence of the same in the area.

With the company initially have invested a small sum on BTL activities: fliers, bike/car tags, & posters, the company is relying largely on WoM (word of mouth), the main advantage what this restaurant had till date is the news of its existence, taste and rates have been passed on to many other students and household in nearby vicinity mainly thru word of mouth or by the customers who have already visited the place.

Initial Investment Done:
Deposit shop100000
Signage / branding30000

Cost of Production:
Cost for 200 rolls / Day
Atta8 kgs240
Vegetables 600
Chicken boneless4 kgs400
Egg100 nos300
Mutton boneless2 kgs700
Oil + Masalas 1200
Total 3440
Other specialities 1000
TOTAL 4440

Monthly expenses
Salaries (staff)20000
Profit Calculation:
Profit Calculation
Description Rs.
Monthly turnover selling 200 pcs per day =200 pcs * 35 Rs * 30 days210000 Monthly expense incurred on materials = 4000 rs * 30 days133200 Income= 76800
Monthly expense incurred on utility = 42000
PROFIT / Month 34800

The profits shall be split equally among the 3 partners as the...
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