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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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CHIC-BOY Vision To become the premiere franchisee of Chic-boy by the year 2020. Mission To be the best Chic-boy franchisee in the Philippines by providing the most appetizing Filipino food at very competitive prices. Will consistently maintain the highest standards in food preparation and service. Not only profit-oriented but is service-oriented as well. Surplus food that are not served will be donated to our less fortunate brothers and sisters at the end of the day. Goals and Objectives 1st Objective: conduct a soft-opening of the franchise by December 2011 and to be fully operational by the start of year 2012 Our specific objectives are the following: To conduct daily inspections on the floor and restaurant equipment Strictly implement the specifications set by Chic-boy and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To hire prospective employees with the ample amount of experience every 6 months. To review employee skills and knowledge of Chic-boy operating procedures every 2 months. To strictly comply with the requirements set by Chic-boy through punctual payment of royalty fees and other related payables. To achieve an ROI in a span of two years. To establish a minimum of 5 branches by 2020. Chicken at Baboy Brief history of the business A group of BM studens from DLSU-M saw a great potential in franchising and they were encouraged by their professor to pursue the venture. A few of them started to notice Chic-boy in a commercial center in Alabang. It was a relatively new establishment, yet a lot of customers were entering it. This made the group curious and after some research, they have finally decided to get a franchise of Chic-boy. They thought that it was a good opportunity for them, because they can put the franchise in more desirable locations in Metro Manila. Definition of the Market Fast Food Restaurant (aka Quick Service Restaurant) - limited menu establishment which lends itself to production line techniques of producing food that is served packaged...
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