Marketing and Sales Plan

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Unique Learning is a new and upcoming childcare service which will be located in Atlanta, GA. Melanie Mkwayi is planning to lease a building which has 2 separate entrances and 2 separate areas to be able to care for both the sick and well children. This will allow working parents who depend on our facility for childcare to minimize the days they have to miss work because their children are not well due to a common illness. This is a prime opportunity to break into the market because a service like this is yet to exist in the Atlanta area.

Strategic Focus and Plan

Mission Statement

To provide top of the line childcare to the working class at affordable rates and building customer rapport and trust by delivering outstanding educational training, care and reliability in a clean and home like atmosphere.


1.To generate income of at least $42,000 per year for Melanie Mkwayi’s personal salary. 2.Gain profits of 4% after tax no later than the second year of operation. 3.To show economic growth of at least 3% per year over the next five years.

1.Within five years, expand from Atlanta into other cities in Georgia. 2.To become the top rated childcare service in Atlanta within five years. 3.To provide a curriculum that challenges our children and completely prepares them for kindergarten.

Marketing and Product Objectives

Unique Learning’s marketing goal is to promote its services as a one stop shop for all childcare needs. To achieve this task, we plan to determine our focus market and conquer it, look for ways to expand into new markets by customizing plans based on that markets needs and continue to look for ways to offer new incentives.

The main objective of Unique Learning is to market our services to working parents who depend on childcare services in order to go to work every day. Since there is a vast amount of working parents depending on childcare services, we are going to use this to our advantage. We are going to show the market the advantages of having us as their childcare providers. Our goal is to have the opportunity to prove to each customer our level of professionalism and passion for our future leaders.

Unique Learning also wishes to branch out into new markets. Some examples include providing services inside of family services buildings and partnering with Fortune 500 companies to provide care for their employees. Servicing these types of accounts will definitely increase our sales due to the convenience of providing care in these types of establishments. We would also like to reach the unemployed as well. Offering programs to help out while they search for work, we hope to attract this market. In doing this, once they do find work, they will definitely confide in us in caring for their children.

Market-Product Grid

Market Segments24HR CareCare for the Sick ChildrenAfter School CareSummer Camp Working Class with Children
Work From Home0111
Unemployed with Children 0000
Key: 3=Large Market, 2=Medium Market, 1=Small Market, 0=No Market

According to our Market-Product Grid, it is best for us to target full-time working parents. This is due to the fact that these are the individuals that will depend on us to care for their children in order to go to work.

Target Markets

While deciding the target market for our marketing plan through research, we concluded that the market would consist of working parents; specifically, those who have no other alternative for caring for their children besides relying on childcare services. Another group that we are targeting is the unemployed. With the assistance we will provide to them while they look for work, we feel that this target market will be willing to give our services a try once income is present.

Points of Difference

Highlighted here are the...
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