Marketing and Key Issue

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  • Published : April 4, 2005
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Business to Business: This means that the transaction are between two companies.

Bibliografia:Negocios en Ambientes Computacionales, Antonio Donandio Medagalia,MC Graw Hill.2004

Key Issue 1: Cemex is advancing thanks to the good administration they have. The way they have meeting with the top leaders is good. As these leaders have been able to take advantage of the opportunities they have seen. The PMI process they have seems to be working out. Key Issue 2: They are taking advantage of the Internet. Many Mexican countries haven't seen the advantage they can gain. Some of the models Cemex is using as Business to Business helps them be able to get better deals. Cemex has become a brick and click cooperation. This means you don't have to physically attend one of their stores you can do it through the Internet. Key Issue 3:

Recommendation: Even though the way Cemex evaluates a country in order to invest, they should implement other methods. Recommendation: Cemex is constantly entering new countries. The problem is as Pankaj, Ghemawat said that distance is not only about geography but cultural, administrative, geographic and economic. In order for Cemex to continue growing they have to learn more about different countries. They said that language is not a barrier since they have made English their second official language but what about cultures. Even though this company will not be affected directly by beliefs (since the product they are selling is worldwide) they need to see the way business take place. Also not all the building in the world are built with cement.
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