Marketing and Himalaya S Product

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  • Published : January 8, 2011
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Name: ______________________________________________
Age: __________
Location: ______________________________
Sex: ______

Q.1. What is your profession?

Q.2.Which Himalaya’s product do you use?
Purifying Neem Face Wash Gentle Face Wash Gel

Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub
If other please specify:____________________________________

Q.3. Will you Recommend Himalaya’s product to someone else?

YES NO If NO why:_________________________________________________

Q.5. Where did you come to know about Himalaya’s?
T.V. Newspaper Family/Friends Others. Specify:___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Q.6. What do you think the company requires to change?
Others. Specify:_________________________________________

Q.7. Do you think the price of the product you use is reasonable?If not what should they do?

YES No Increase/Reduce. Q.8. If Will you use a new product of Himalaya’s if it serves same purpose, the present product you are using serve’s? Yes No Can’t Say (depends on the quality)

Q.9. If not himalaya’s which other company will you prefer Garnier Amway Fair & lovely Others. Specify:_________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Q.10. Will you use a cheaper product of some other company that serve’s the same purpose as of the himalaya’s product you are currently using? Yes (Cheap stuff rocks) No (Brand Matters)...
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