Marketing, an Essential Element for the Success of a Business

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Marketing is the management process that involves in identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirements profitability. This means that marketing is essential to the success of a business its main aim is to enable business to meet the needs of its customers. There are some features of business marketing behaviour, these involve consumers are vital importance this means that when a product has a greater chance of being successful it satisfies consumer needs. Leckerei which is an organic baby food producer from Switzerland can bring the UK baby food which is nutritious and wholesome in order to support the development and growth of your baby.


The market of baby meals and baby milk both appears to have become more competitive in the period since merger. Prices and margins have fallen, and there has been innovation in the product range, with organic products quickly expanding their share of the meals market, and ready- to drink products making an impact in the milk sector. Overall the organic food market as a whole has been growing steadily over the past few years in some cases; the organic baby food ranges have virtually overtaken conventional products. The supermarkets in the UK are reporting sales of organic baby food ranging from 22% of the market (Sainsbury’s) to 53% (Waitrose).

Marketing objectives:

1 Introduce Leckerei baby food products in all stores
2 Get more people to buy product
3 Develop preference relative to other products or brands; and 4 Develop price insensitivity relative to other products or brands

In establishing our brand Leckerie in the Europe, we are now planning on establishing a market share in the UK also. In order to do so we will rely on the four P's of product, placement, promotion, and price. In using these tools will create brand recognition and loyality among our customers to capture a great market share in the UK. From the established great market share objective that shall be achieved that we will achieve sales of millions in the first year. Once objectives have been set, a strategy for formulating these objectives can be made. Target market : A target market is a group of customers that a business has decided to focus its marketing strategy on. A very common mistake made by most start up businesses is that everybody is a potential customer. If the product is baby food, the target audience will be parents; a company would not market baby food to children or the elderly. Leckerie target market of pregnant mothers, mothers, parents and careers. They are basically interested in providing their children with nutritious, delicious and healthy products. Their highest concern is with buying foods that will lead to healthy and proper development of their children. The company may have to adjust the brand and product appearance so that it appeals more to the group that they want. Alternatively, Leckerei may want to focus their advertising on one segmented audience and deepen the brand experience.

The target consumers of commercially-available baby food range from infants (babies aged 6 to 12 months) to toddlers (children up to three years old). Baby food is available in various flavours and in both solid and liquid form. Modern-day time constraints have reduced the use of homemade baby food in both developed as well as developing nations. The second method that will be established is trying to get sales from a smaller group of people, but may be more successful if the company immerses the group in the brand identity, or if the baby food is uniquely suited for the group. If the brand is trying to sell the baby food, the company must make sure that the audience which is mothers (parents) buy it. Leckerie has determined their audience, they have also determined what brand image is best for the target audience and therefore adapted their advertising message and product appearance to match.

The brand experience must be consistent, so...
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