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Practice Questions
Chapter 1

Managing Profitable Customer Relationships

1. Marketing seeks to create and manage profitable customer relationships by delivering _____ to customers. a. competitive prices
b. superior value
c. superior service
d. superior promotion
e. product assortment

2. ______________ is managing profitable customer relationships. a. Management
b. Control
c. Marketing
d. Human resources
e. Customer service

3. The twofold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to _____. a. keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction b. keep and grow current customers by delivering competitive pricing c. keep and grow current customers by delivering friendly service d. keep and grow current customers by delivering vast product assortment e. all of the above

4. Highly successful companies know that if they take care of their customers, _____ will follow. a. frequent word of mouth
b. market share
c. profits
d. sales and profits
e. increased competition

5. Marketing is more than ___________ and advertising.
a. distribution
b. promotion
c. selling
d. pricing
e. customer service

6. Today, marketing must be understood in terms of not just making a sale but also _____. a. satisfying customers’ needs
b. understanding customers’ value
c. understanding customers’ self-images
d. brilliant advertising
e. successfully remaining in the market

7. The most basic concept underlying marketing is that of ________________. a. selling and advertising
b. customer satisfaction
c. retaining customers
d. human needs
e. fulfilling consumer wants

8. You are preparing a combination of products, services, information, and experiences to a market to satisfy needs and wants. What are you preparing? a. value proposition
b. demand satisfaction
c. tactical plan
d. marketing offer
e. strategy

9. Many sellers make the mistake of paying more attention to the specific products they offer than to the _____ produced by those products. a. benefits
b. experiences
c. benefits and experiences
d. value satisfaction
e. customer loyalty

10. Smart marketers look beyond the attributes of the products and services they sell. They create brand _____ for consumers. a. awareness
b. recognition
c. preferences
d. experiences
e. loyalty

11. We can safely say that when a customer’s purchase lives up to his or her expectations, the customer is experiencing ____________________ a. customer value
b. self-esteem
c. self-actualization
d. customer satisfaction
e. euphoria

12. Marketing consists of actions taken to build and maintain desirable _____ with target audiences involving a product, service, idea, or other object. a. exchange transactions
b. exchange relationships
c. exchange processes
d. exchange privileges
e. exchange communication

13. A _______________is the set of actual and potential buyers of a product or service. a. segment
b. target market
c. market
d. buying group
e. A and C

14. The five alternative concepts under which organizations conduct their marketing activities include the production, _____, selling, marketing, and societal marketing concepts. a. promotion
b. pricing
c. distribution
d. product
e. demarketing

15. The product concept can lead to marketing _____.
a. failures
b. myopia
c. problems
d. incongruence
e. malfeasance

16. Most firms practice the selling concept when they face _____. a. a crisis
b. a recession
c. fierce competition
d. overcapacity
e. marketing myopia

17. Now many companies are beginning to think of _____ interests as well as their own customers’ needs. a. society’s
b. stockholders’
c. investors’
d. lenders’...
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