Market Scenario of Tofu and Paneer

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Tofu vs Paneer
1. What is current scenario in Tofu market according to you? (–m) 2. Is it being sold in malls and retail shops? If yes, Where in your city? 3. Which is the leading brand in Ahmedabad,Gujarat and India? (–m) 4. What kind of effects they have made in market in terms of economy, innovation and satisfaction? (–m) 5. What is new that tofu market has adopted ? (–m)

6. What are the parameters that been affecting the brand?(i.e. packaging, price, place,product & promotion )? (–m) 7. Which group prefers it the most? (–m)
8. What kind of difference consumers find in tofu and paneer? 9. Do they like healthy + little different taste?
10. What are the problems that consumers face while using tofu? 11. Awareness of the product?
12. Did you feel First mover advantage in Tofu market? (–m) 13. Have you seen Innovation advantage in Tofu market? (–m) 14. Responsibility brands?( Like Johnson & Johnson have make people belive that they are the best care taker of their baby’s skin. So for Tofu Do you observe that people has started trusting Tofu ?) (–m) 15. Health conscious people & foodie : perception about the tofu and taste 16. What is the share of tofu market in the whole market? (–m) 17. Consumer pack has higher price or the institutional pack has? (–m) 18. Consumer pack is getting higher sales number or institutional pack? 19. Is there any way that we can have e-commerce for marketing? (–m)

Kindly ans the question below the question.
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