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Project Report



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I, Poorna hereby declare that the report on “summer training” entitled “Market Research and Market Penetration of Business Standard” is a result of my own work and indebtedness to work in publications, if any have been duly acknowledged.

Place: Delhi


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During the perseverance of this project, I was supported by different people, whose names if not mentioned would be inconsiderate on part. First of all I would like to thanks, BUSINESS STANDARD LIMITED for an opportunity to undergo my summer training in Delhi.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the industry guide who supported me and initiated me into the study of “Market Research and Brand comparison study for various economic dailies”. It has indeed been a great experience working under them. During the course of the project for their invaluable advice and guidance provided throughout this project. I would also like to thank my mentor for his constant support throughout the duration of the project.I would also like to give my sincere gratitude to all my friends for supporting me throughout the completion of my project.

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Summer project is part of academic requirement incorporated in the curriculum of MBA Program. This exercise enables to get practical exposure to realities of corporate world in action and practice. A great knowledge comes from better theoretical knowledge and a good experience.

I got a truly rewarding chance to get best feel and experience of the real world economic environment in the best possible manner. For this practical training, I had undergone a research project on “Market Research and Market Penetration of Business Standard”.

During the training period I had studied how attitude of consumer perception regarding financial newspaper and how they feel and what they want in daily financial newspaper. I got to know what people feel about Business Standard, their likes and dislikes, which area can be improved. I have also get to know how it can be measured. During my project I came to know different aspect of people perception on financial newspaper and their awareness.

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Executive Summary
Business newspapers are re-inventing themselves to protect their turf in a fiercely competitive multi-media environment. They are using different strategies to attract the customers of different sectors. Business newspapers focused mainly on business news, insightful views on significant issues and comprehensive coverage of the stock market.

There was a huge growth in the sales of the business newspapers for the past few years. According to the recent study by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), this growth would outperform the general economy each year till 2011. The Indian print media industry netted $90.80 million in foreign investment in the last three years; few papers like Business standard have tied up with Financial Times of London. Business newspapers have the ability to carry the message in greater detail and clarity, more in -depth information and analysis, which helps companies and their business. This Summer Internship Program is also designed with a view to study about the market regarding the personal sale of the Business Standard products and also looking for subscriptions and promoting the product and also creating awareness about business newspapers among different sectors.

The students from various B-schools were hired for the 2months program to increase the brand awareness by sales, promotions & market research. The company has come up with an annual scheme for the subscription of the newspaper for the target groups. It was providing annual subscription of the news paper along with three annual magazines, a monthly magazine and a...
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