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Assignment #2: Research a person or a research group.

In Forbes’s 2008 list of billionaires, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, at the age of 23, became the youngest self-made billionaire with a net worth of 1.5 US billion dollars. Four years later, on the 18th of May 2012, Zuckerberg rang the opening bell for the NASDAQ Stock Index from the headquarters of his company in Menlo Park California. On that day, Mark Zuckerberg took his company, Facebook, public. The company’s stock opened at a price of USD 42.05 per share, giving it an initial market value of a hundred and four billion US dollars. Though the stock has fallen to half its debut price over the next few months, the company is still worth at almost fifty billion US dollars, and Zuckerberg, worth 9-12 billion US dollars as of this moment, is one of the richest men in the world. He was named Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2010, and has featured on Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people of all time. More remarkably, Zuckerberg was able to achieve this astronomical success in only 8 years-even before he hit his thirties. [1][2].

The past two decades, marked by the advent of the age of the Internet, have led to a huge rise in the number of successful and influential technological companies. These companies have defied age-old business models, which would require a lifetime to build up a brand. Mark Zuckerberg's company, Facebook, is one of the world's biggest technological sites with almost a billion users. Its enormous and wide reaching user base lends it a unique place in the Internet, and this in turn makes any controversy surrounding it consequential. An Academy Award-winning movie, The Social Network, brought to the public spotlight one of the major controversies about Facebook and its founder; by exploring the events leading up to creation of Facebook in a narrative drama, it cast doubt on the originality of Mark's ideas. The movie explores the theory that Zuckerberg stole the idea form his classmates, and provides primary and secondary evidence to support it. This forms the basic premise of this paper; how much Zuckerberg should be credited with. It can be argued that this ‘theft’ simply doesn’t matter; the effort he put into building the idea into a multi-billion dollar business is much more important than the actual idea.

Mark E. Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of the website Facebook; a social networking service launched in February 2004; owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. of which Zuckerberg is the chairman and CEO. His passion can be traced back to his high school years at Philips Exeter Academy, when he developed a music player called Synapse which used artificial intelligence to perceive a user’s choice in music and generate appropriate playlists. Corporate giants such as Microsoft tried to buy Synapse and hire Zuckerberg, but he distributed it for free, and decided to enroll at Harvard instead. [3]

While at Harvard University, he studied to major in computer science and psychology. In his sophomore year, he wrote a program called Facemash, an addictive website that let anyone on the Harvard network vote on students' attractiveness. In the same academic year, Zuckerberg would design, code, and launch, a voluntary sign up site for Harvard students to connect with each other. This website has now evolved into Facebook.

Facebook is among the most popular websites in the world. It has the highest Internet traffic worldwide. [4] Users must register before using the site, after which they may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common-interest user groups, organized by workplace, school or college. The website's membership was initially limited to Harvard students, but was expanded to Stanford...
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