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The Midway Maritime Foundation Inc (MMFI). is a non-stock, non-profit institution and a pioneering maritime education institution in Nueva Ecija. It offers CHED authorized full maritime educational courses. It was founded in1988 and was originally known as Midway Technical School built in Midway Park Subdivision, Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Caloocan City. It was only in 1993 wherein it was first called MMFI and was transferred in Bitas, Cabanatuan City. It was also during this time that the foundation first offered bachelor courses in Marine Engineering and Seaman Training Courses. Among the courses offered are BS Marine Engineering, BS in Custom Administration aside from other technical courses. Presently, one of the courses I am handling is Computer 2 of the Bachelor of Science in Customs. Wondering what subjects other than the major students have much difficulty, I randomly asked them which among their currently enrolled subjects (this semester) are causing them some hardships. Among the subjects cited were Computer, Math and Accounting. For this reason, that this paper was conceived.

Statement of the Problem
Is there a significant difference on the performance of the
students under their three minor subjects?

No: There is no significant difference on the performance of the students under their three minor subjects.
Na: There is significant difference on the performance of the students under their three minor subjects.

Significance of the Study
This study is conducted for the benefits of the following:
The students: For the low class performers to improve their study habits so as to improve their scholastic performance

The teachers: To apply the necessary interventions for the low learners; to use the appropriate teaching methodologies that will fit on the skills and ability of the students; to easily monitor students who need extra help from peers and superiors and finally, to give consultations so as to understand the roots of having poor performance of his students and take the necessary action as their second parents

Scope and Delimitation
This term paper, entitled “A Term Paper about the Difference of Bachelor of Customs 2A Students’ Performance in Three Minor Subjects”, focuses on finding the difference, if there is any, in three minor subjects taken by BSC sophomore block A of the Midway Maritime Foundation, Inc this 2nd semester of School Year 2011-2012 primarily concerning grades incurred during the semi final term.

Definition of Terms

ANOVA. Analysis of Variance
BSCA. Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration

MMFI. Midway Maritime Foundation, Inc

The statistical method used in this term paper is
ANOVA. It stands for Analysis of variance which, as defined by wikipedia, is a collection of statistical models, and their associated procedures, in which the observed variance in a particular variable is partitioned into components attributable to different sources of variation. In its simplest form, ANOVA provides a statistical test of whether or not the means of several groups are all equal, and therefore generalizes t-test to more than two groups. Doing multiple two-sample t-tests would result in an increased chance of committing a type I error. For this reason, ANOVAs are useful in comparing two, three, or more means. For these reasons, it is most applicable in this study.

Presentation of Data
Student| Grades- Accounting | Grades -Comp| Grades-Math| 1| 90| 94| 87|
2| 94| 92| 90|
3| 87| 93| 89|
4| 87| 92| 89|
5| 90| 92| 89|
6| 87| 90| 90|
7| 83| 93| 91|
8| 83| 90| 86|
9| 84| 90| 88|
10| 84| 93| 95|
11| 88| 92| 95|
12| 89| 90| 84|
13| 83| 90| 90|
14| 87| 95| 95|
15| 85| 86| 89|
16| 89| 94| 95|
17| 92| 94| 91|
18| 88| 89| 91|
19| 87| 95| 89|
20| 87| 89| 95|
21| 83| 93| 89|
22| 88| 94|...
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