Topics: Hemp, Cannabis, Drug addiction Pages: 6 (2355 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Pros and Cons of Marijuana

Niki De Leon

November 13, 2012
Fall 2012
English 110 section 14
Mr. Johnson

In the early 1900s possession or intoxication of marijuana was considered illegal in the Untied States of America. Marijuana started to become the thing to do in the 1960s. In the mid 1970’s the use of marijuana declined; although, since the mid 1990s its use has been rising. Many states have passed laws allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes. In the Untied States it is illegal to use medical marijuana. People who are in the states and use medical marijuana legally are still illegal drug offenders in the United States. Although marijuana is illegal in the United States, one out of three American adults admit to smoking marijuana weakly (Hightimes 73). Marijuana is made from dried leaves and flowering hemp plant tops. (Marijuana is used all over the United States.) Some other names used for marijuana are grass, weed, pot, Mary Jane, hash, dope, and reefer. Pot has different effect depending on the person. Some of the effects one can receive from smoking pot are a type of dreamy relaxed state, where the user is more aware. Being high from pot doesn’t affect a person’s life nor does it last long, but if used consistently it can affect people’s lives and will continue on and will be impossible to get rid of. There are many harms and reasons as to why smoking marijuana can be unhealthy; usually it’ll begin to show over time. Marijuana decreases a person’s concentration and short-term memory. A study, researched by The Canadian Medical Association, proved marijuana lowers IQ scores by an average of 4.1 points (Branswell 2). People who smoke pot lose motivation and interest in things that they found appealing because of the effect that pot has on their emotions. In extreme cases, pot usage before the age of eighteen increases the risk of schizophrenia (Choi 1). In some cases heavy users “can directly lead to changes in the brain that are similar to those caused by cocaine, heroin, or alcohol.”(NIDA) Receptors for marijuana are found within immune cells, causing the smoking of marijuana to stone immune cells (Cloud). The negative effects of marijuana are all in those who have been long-term users. A long-term use of any drug has its negative effects. Drugs such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol are very addictive, but theses rugs are legal and accepted by the public. One of the main differences between marijuana and theses drugs that are legal is marijuana is not addictive. The majority of people whom have consumed marijuana in the past have not become addicted because the use of marijuana is temporary. In 1996, 5% of people still smoked marijuana out of 68.6 million people who smoked pot in the past (Lowry 2). As those who use marijuana row in age the, the thought of getting high grows as well, also by decreasing the usage. Today the people who were fifty to sixty years old adults were the young adults who used marijuana in the 1960’ when pot started to become popular. Some of the questions that should be asked are, are problems arising related to marijuana with the adults who smoked pot forty years ago. Do the adults regret smoking pot during young adulthood. No, because many people who smoked pot don’t fee as if it affected the life the have now. A former president aid, Lyn Nofziger states, “There are an awful lot of people in their 50s and younger who smoked pot when they were younger and don’t look on it as something that destroyed their lives” (Stein 60). This person who was there to help past presidents, admitted that marijuana does not affect a young adults long-term future. Marijuana stays in ones body for approximately a month depending on the amount the user took in. after the marijuana leaves the body it doesn’t leave a trace behind in the body. Many look at potheads as stupid people due to the effect marijuana has ones body but once the pot leaves the...
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