Marien Life Tourism in Sri Lanka

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Executive Summary
Sri Lanka is an island with a rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and a significant number of wildlife reserves. Today after three decades of ethnic unrest, tourist activities in Sri Lanka have shown promising signs of recovery, by becoming the fourth largest foreign exchange earner in Sri Lanka and contribute significantly to the economic growth and development of the country. Sri Lanka has immense growth potential in this industry if the correct blend can be presented to the world.

The main focus of the report will be on ‘Nature and Adventure Tourism Industry’ in Sri Lanka. The selected industry is a niche market in the tourism industry focusing on wild life, nature adventure trekking, mountain biking & cycling, rain forest exploration, diving surfing, whale/dolphin watching etc. With the developing tourism industry the focused niche market has a huge potential to grow in the years to come.

Firstly, to keep the focus narrow down in to one specific area, we will be mainly discussing about the “Marine Life Tourism” in Sri Lanka, and how it contributes to the growth of Nature and Adventure Tourism Industry as a whole. Therefore, Industry will be analyzed deeply, to get a better understanding about different customer segments and how the demand and supply mechanism works in today’s context. After analyzing the Characteristics of the Industry, Strategic Approaches will be used to evaluate the Structure of the Industry. PEST Analysis will be conducted to get a clear picture about the future of the Nature and Adventure Tourism Industry. Through analyzing all the above mention factors, we can identify the Key Success Factors and, the predictable scenarios’ which we have to be ready for the upcoming trends in the market.

In order to collect required/ relevant information, we have mainly consulted the three main players in the Industry such as Walkers Tours, Jetwing Travels, and Aitkenspens Travels who specializes in catering to niche nature and adventure seekers, and also the small player such as Boarder Land, LSR, and data have been gathered through desk research, interviews, questioners, with the relevant parties and relevant site visits.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction3

1.1 Objectives of the report3

1.2 Overview about Nature Tourism in Sri Lanka4

2.0 Demand Factors6

2.1 Factors Affecting the Demand for MLT – Foreign Tourists6

2.2 Demand from Locals for MLT12

3.0 Supply Factors in Marine Tourism13

4.0 Suggestions & Improvements18

5.0 Scenario Planning21

6.0 Reference23


ANNEXURE 2 - Value Chain Analysis of Marine Tourism in Sri Lanka26

ANNEXURE 3 -PEST Analysis27

ANNEXURE 4 – Porter’s 5 Forcers Analysis28

ANNEXURE 5 – Questionnaire for Local Market29

1.0 Introduction

Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean, which is in the size of 65,610 square kilometers, with a total coastline of 1,700 kilometers. As a small island compared to any other nation, Sri Lanka is blessed with a wider range of bio-diversity hotspots in the world. With the born ability for the hospitality, Sri Lankan tourist industry has attracted many tourist over the years, after the end of civil war in the country, according to the data presented by Sri Lanka Tourist Board, it clearly shows more than 135% increase in total arrivals to the country in contrast with Year 2010 (January-June). Therefore it clearly shows signs of a growing and a money generating industry.

Today Nature and Adventure Tourism, has become one of the fast growing sectors, as the discovery and spotlight hit on Blue Whales, Dolphin Watching, Mineriya Elephant Gathering and Yala National Park which gives the chance to experience worlds one of the best leopard sanctuaries. Therefore, in the below report we’ll be mainly focusing on Marine Life Tourism (MLT) sector from a strategic perspective to get a better understanding about where the...
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