Role of Media in Promotion of Tourism

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Role of media

Media play a vital and important role in promoting tourism, not only within the SAARC region but throughout the world as well. Destinations are made known to tourists before they set off and known destinations are popularized among tourists by the media, Mass Media and Information Ministry Secretary W B Ganegala said.

Ganegala was making the welcome speech at the SAARC seminar on `The role of media in promoting tourism for enhancing people to people contact` at the Gateway Hotel Airport Garden, Seeduwa on November 13.

The speech:
At the last Governing Board meeting of SAARC Information Centre held in Katmandu on December 2 and 3, 2010 it was decided that a seminar on `Role of Media in promoting tourism for enhancing people to people contact` be held in Colombo this year. "We, the Ministry of Mass Media and Information and Sri Lanka Tourism are thankful to the SAARC Information Centre for this decision and for all other follow-up activities accomplished to organize the same in liaison with the Sri Lankan authorities. "I am happy to state that this decision and thus making it a reality coincide with the multifaceted Sri Lanka Tourism Drive launched under the Mahinda Chintana integrated national development plan. It is also appropriate to have this seminar in Colombo at a time when the government had declared the year 2011 as the Tourism Year of Sri Lanka. In addition, all these events go hand in hand with the government`s initiative to offer the Asian region and the world at large, the city of Colombo including few provincial capitals as centres of excellence to conduct regional and international seminars, conferences and workshops. With this background, I suppose, it is most appropriate and advantageous to organize this seminar in Colombo this year. "Communication network has become more efficient and informative with the use of the internet and such sophisticated communication technologies. Tools of modern media and communication...
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