Maria La Loca

Topics: 2003 singles, Lesson plan, Love Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: September 24, 2009
What is the selection’s thesis?
Who are the women who participate in the storytelling sessions? Why is Cofer allowed to join them? Why aren’t men or boys part of the group? What lessons about men and women does Mama intend the story of Maria La Loca to teach? What information does Cofer provide about her aunts and mother? What similarities and or / differences are there between each of their lives and the story of Maria La Loca? I believe the thesis of this story is; how life’s lessons are taught by Mama in the parlor, to the younger women in her family. The women that are allowed to participate are Mama and her sisters. Cofer wasn’t allowed to participate, but was allowed to be part of things. Life’s lessons will be more easily learned from an early age. The males were not part of things like this for many reasons. The largest reason for this is that of women are the silent authorities of the family. Without the women running things, the family would fall apart. I believe the lesson intended to be taught is; love can and will blind people; even good people. Where a person whom is not careful in love; the blinders of love can and will hurt you if you are not careful. Love has ways that can be harmful to a person; especially a person who jumps at the thought of love. When wearing blinders you might jump into the path of something not seen. You might get hurt; where you may not die from it, but you may not ever fully recover from it either. The information provided about her aunts and mother shows the hierarchy of life in this family. It starts with Mama, and shows how she is able to guide each of the women without talking to them directly. I believe that each of the women present had each been parts of Maria La Loca summed together.
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