Margaret Thatcher. Essay

Topics: Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Conservative Party Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Margaret Thatcher

Even in her early years Margaret, who inherited her father’s ambition, persistence in achieving goals and desire for a political power, already knew that what she was going to do in her life, she wanted to excel in it. So, she didn’t waste time by working in the areas where her abilities were just mediocre; instead she set her goals and defined her strategy early in life and spent time and energy working toward the goals using and improving the powers that she already had. In her early life Margaret didn’t have much of positional powers built yet; but her father with his ambitions for political power and influence, managed to cultivate in her a set of personal traits needed for becoming a successful person, a superstar – an ability to think independently, set goals and achieve them through hard work via providing effort, one of the three personal powers inherent to superstars[1]. She built her power of expertise by constantly learning and acquiring knowledge needed for achieving the goals. For example, when on her “climb to success” she set a goal to get into Oxford, she worked hard to obtain knowledge on classical literature, philosophy and Latin, the subjects needed for the entrance exam. While persistently trying to be elected for the Dartford seat in Parliament, she passed her Bar examinations in tax law, because she knew she would need it to get successful in politics. Throughout her life Margaret was building useful contacts and acquiring useful acquaintances in order to get noticed, obtain visibility; for instance, during school years, she had no real friends but instead cultivated useful relationships with the right girls – the vicar’s daughter and the daughters of factory owners. In Oxford she became a president of the Oxford University Conservative Association and made a splash inviting the hierarchy of the Tory Party; these social engagements gave her contacts that proved very useful later. While running for...
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