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TSN410 Manual
1. Key features
Color /Monochrome (Mono) scan selection 600/300 dpi scan selection Direct save JPG file to microSD card Support microSD card up to 32GB Driver free to download for Windows® XP SP2/ Vista™ and Mac OS® 10.4 or above

4.4 Setting the resolution Press the [DPI] button to select High/Low resolution. High/Low resolution icon will be displayed on status LCD. 4.5 Setting the scan mode Press the [C/BW] button to select Color/Mono mode. Color/Mono icon will be displayed on status LCD. 4.6 How to scan Hold the document firmly by one hand. Place the scanner on the start-scanning position. Hold the scanner tight and press the scan button once. Slide the scanner slowly and keep your hand stable to get the best quality picture. Press again to stop scanning.

2. Functional parts

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5. Connect to computer
You may also connect your scanner to your computer and view p ictures on the computer monitor .


Part 1 2 Battery door Power/Scan

Function For 2x AA alkaline batteries Power On/ Off: Press and hold this key for 2 seconds to turn power on or off. In power on mode, press this button to start scan, press this button again to stop Over speed: Red LED on Ready for scan: Green LED on Scanning status display Select High(600dpi)/Low(300dpi) resolution; High/Low resolution mode icon will be displayed on status LCD Select Color/Mono scan, Color/ Mono mode icon will be displayed on status LCD Download photo to a computer via USB cable provided. MicroSD card storage location. Press this button to format the microSD card. USB


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Error LED indicator Scan LED indicator LCD screen Resolution C/BW USB interface SD card slot

6. Specification
Image sensor Number of sensor Resolution Maximum scanning speed for A4 size document Capacity (Based on 1GB microSD card. Scan A4 size file, the quantity of scans varies depending on the content complexity) Scan width Scan length File format A4 Color Contact Image Sensor 5136 dots(1st~5104 dots available) Low resolution : 300x300 dpi(default) High resolution: 600x600 dpi Color High resolution Mono High resolution Color Low resolution Mono Low resolution 600dpi color 600dpi mono 300dpi color 300dpi mono 13 Seconds 6.0 Seconds 3.0 Seconds 2.0 Seconds 220 Photos(Min.) 290 Photos(Min.) 780 Photos(Min.) 1280 Photos(Min.)

10 Format button

3. Explanation of the status icons



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Item 1 2 3 4 5

Function SD card indicator Battery indicator Effect indicator Counting indicator Selected resolution

Photos will be stored in m icro SD card Battery is full Color or Mono Show scanned files in micro SD card High:600 dpi / Low:300 dpi Empty battery

8.27" 300DPI: 50"(Max), 600DPI: 25"(Max) JPEG

4. Using the scanner
4.1 Installing the battery 1. Open the battery door. 2. Insert 2x AA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment. 3. Turn on the scanner by pressing the [POWER] button for 2 seconds.

LCD Auto Power Off USB Port External memory Standard Battery

Scanning status display 3 Minutes USB 2.0 high speed microSD Card 2XAA alkaline batteries

7. Computer system minimum requirement
Operating system CPU RAM Interface Windows® XP SP2/ Vista™ and Mac OS® 10.4 or above Pentium II or above 64MB USB port

8. Troubleshooting
Problem Cannot turn on the scanner 4.2 Inserting a microSD memory card (not included) You must insert a microSD Card (not supplied) to record and store your pictures. Inserting the microSD memory card: 1. Turn OFF the scanner. 2. Insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot, gently press in until card is latched. Note: -Do not force the card into the slot; forcing may damage scanner and the microSD memory card. Align microSD card position (as marked) and try again. -The microSD memory card must be formatted before scanning. See the following instruction. Pictures cannot be saved when you...
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