Manpower Planning

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Manpower planning is a process which aims to have the right number of staff at right places with right type of skills at right times to enable the organisation to achieve its short term and long term goals.  In other words, manpower planning is the system, which ensures the manpower availability at a given point of time.Manpower recruitment is related to matching the personal qualities of employees with the job requirements. Objectives of mpp

1)      To ensure the human resources currently employed 2)      To plan future man power needs
3)      To anticipate reduncies and avoid unnecessary situation 4)      To determine proper training levels.
Benefits of mpp
1)      Reducing man power costs
2)      Getting best contribution from the employees
3)      Motivating the existing employees
4)      Developing the existing manpower.
Assessment of Manpower in Railways
• In open line, factors like normal wastage, death, deputation, dismissal, creation of assets and posts, leave reserve, rest givers, yardsticks etc., influences the assessment of manpower.  • In construction projects, performance evaluation and review technique, phasing of work etc., are used to assess the manpower.  

            There have been dynamic change in the technology and modernisation, electrification, computerisation, mechanisation of track maintenance etc. are taking place at fast rate to meet the challenges of traffic requirements in Indian Railways.  To meet the challenges of the changing environment, systematic manpower planning is essential. Therefore a category-wise analysis of staff should be carried out, to identify surplus and to arrange manpower in the areas of need. This adjusts the surplus in one category to other categories, where there is demand. Manpower planning ensures that the existing manpower is utilised to the maximum possible extent.  

Manpower planning emphasise on training to different categories of staff to improve the skill and to increase productivity. This step reduces the availability of unskilled staff, increase productivity and maximize manpower utilization. Regular conversion training programmes reduce the wastage of manpower due to changeover. The staff are also deputed for refresher course, conversion course, promotional course etc. with the aim to develop organisationally effective personnel with pride in their work and faith in management.  

            The primary objective of the manpower planning is to ensure the availability of the required skill and to reduce wastage. When the manpower availability is clearly known arrangements can be easily made to cater to the additional needs of manpower as indicated in the forecasts. Normally, the field officers responsible for executing the job are responsible for the manpower planning. Benchmarking

Benchmarking   is    “the   continuous   process   of   measuring our products, services, processes and practices against the most successful competitors or companies which are established industry leaders,  then  learning  how  their  excellence    was achieved ,   and   then   setting  out  to  match or even surpass them”. Benchmarking consists of being humble enough to accept that somebody else is better, then being wise enough to learn from them and then match or even surpass them. Manpower Planning in Indian Railways

Man Power is the biggest component of any industry and the   expenditure on staff salary and related items is a perennial in nature. Right sizing of manpower to reduce unit costs in an effective way to increase efficiency. Benchmarking is a method which will enable to scientifically and rationally right size any industry. Indian Railways, the biggest transporting industry in India, has introduced the concept of bench marking as a tool of manpower planning. In simple words, Bench marking is the search for and implementation of best practices. Since Indian Railway has a large...
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