Mano Po 2

Topics: Filipino actors, Kris Aquino, Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Mano Po 2: My Home is a film produced by Regal Films last 2003 as an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival of that same year. The film was a part of the Mano Po series which has been one of the successful series which annually joined on the said film fest. The film is generally about a prominent Chinese business man, Antonio Chan (portrayed by Christopher de Leon) and his three wives Sol (Kris Aquino on the former and Susan Roces on the latter), Lu Shui (Zsazsa Padilla), and Belinda (Lorna Tolentino). A crisis shakes up the over-extended Chinese – Filipino family prompting all the members to re-examine their values, their relationships, and confront issues that they have refused to face all these years. If we are to deal with my personal reactions with regards to the movie, well, it’s a combination of good and bad. First, the cast, I must say it’s a powerhouse; to have Christopher, Lorna, and Susan, that’s something the production team has to be proud of. I recall then that it was actually Kris’ pregnancy which made Susan Roces replace her, but in my honest opinion, it was Susan who portrayed the role better. As to the story, there was this sort of COMMON thing that I don’t like; it could have been better if they thought of something new. That many wives conflict, mother-daughter problem, among others is, for me, obsolete. Actually, it doesn’t seem surprising for this film not to win a major award. I’m not trying to underestiete the writers, but I think it could have been better if they offered something new. As to how it was presenter, its beautiful; Erik Matti never failed the viewers as to the way he directs films. In conclusion, I must say, Mano Po 2: My Home is a good film, it’s just that the story is not that well-thought-of.
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