“Manipulation of Truth in the Realm of Visual Representation”

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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“Manipulation of Truth in the Realm of Visual Representation” The evolution of digital photography in the 1990s brought about dramatic changes in the art of capturing photos and their interpretation. Though pictures were manipulated in the past too, digital photography gave photo manipulation added dimensions. There exist varying institutions that make use of photographs to each serve their purposes. In this paper, I am going to talk about the usage of photographs in the form of maps, in terms of art and their use for the purpose of photo journalism. In the fast pace world today, everyone is looking for ways to make life easier and accomplish tasks in the least possible amount of time. Maps, for that matter have helped address both the concerns directly. The use and application of maps is very common these days, especially in the more developed countries in contrast to underdeveloped or developing countries. In my personal experience, having lived in the US for about a year now, I’ve realized that people depend almost always on their fancy gadgets containing navigational apps to find and reach their desired destinations. While the efficacy of maps cannot be denied in the Western world, it can be argued that they may not be just as useful in other less developed countries, like Pakistan. I can safely say that there are so many locations in Pakistan that are on no map in the world. They are unknown to the outer world and no matter how hard one tries, searching them on the maps would be almost impossible. This discrepancy can be attributed to characteristics like poor infrastructure, lack of awareness, lack of developmental initiatives, etc. Another application of maps can be seen in the business sector where they are used as ads as well as transportation guides and for directing customers towards store locations. An example of this could be the individuals we see around city centers and shopping malls with store locations mapped on boards hanging...
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