Manic Depression and Creativity

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  • Published : December 13, 2005
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Manic Depression and Creativity

Does manic depression cause creativity or does creativity cure manic depression? Virtually one percent of our population suffers from manic depression and nearly five percent from another form of depression. (holden) Does this mean that we all possess an abundance of creative ability? Surely not, then we would all be artist, but there is a positive correlation, according to recent studies, that shows that artist with manic depression show higher levels of creativity in their work.

Patients that suffer from major depressions often experience intense discontented moments, but those whom suffer manic depression or bipolar disorders, experience increased hyperactive and irritable states. (holden) They have limited sleep patterns; maintain sharp focus, express attitude, and profound emotions. Other characteristics of these individuals include their paranoid; possess rapid speech, fluid thoughts and increased levels of energy.(cycles of creativity) Hypo-manic often rhyme and use sounds associations more frequently. Perhaps this is where the phrase, let the juices flow comes from? Artists with manic depression become very sensitive to their environment and their feelings, and this plays a vital role in the quality of work and becomes highly beneficial in their artistic productivity. An artist with such disorders can become lost in their creative task for hours (creativity of the troubled mind)

Nancy C Andreason completed the first controlled study at the University of Iowa, regarding creative ability and manic depression. She discovered that eighty percent of those with artistic jobs have reported that they have experienced major or manic depression, but only thirty percent of those with other types of employment not requiring artistic abilities had experienced depression in some form. Kay Jameson, University of...
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