Creative Process

Topics: 2007 singles, Idea, Cognition Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Alaa Daghache
103471792My Creative Process
Dozing off. Yes this is how my creative process starts. When I am in deep thought I tend to doze off into an object where people think I’m daydreaming. When I look away from the world I tend to ignore the details, the little problems things might have and just think of the abstract. When this happens I focus on what I want and the ideas that run into my head. I never thought of myself as creative or becoming creative; but after working on some projects I came to realization that anyone and anywhere can have their own creative process. I’m a very sensitive person so part of what I do has a lot to do with my emotions. If I am in a bad mood that day, little progress gets done and vice versa. When I am in a good mood I tend to be up extra early in the day to get everything and anything that I can done. Failure, failure is what made me the person I am today. I always thought of myself as the child that can fly through life with bright colors, till I kept falling on my face. Failure made me realize that it’s okay to make mistakes, because when I do I discover better things in myself which fire up new ideas and interests. Part of my creative process is observing around me. We always think that we are perfect, till we see others better than us. When I observe people around me I think of my own abilities to do the things that they are capable of doing which sparks my talents. This is how my love of volleyball started. My father used to play ever since I could remember, and I would sit and watch him carefully till I got up one day and tried for myself. The last part of my creative process is pushing myself to the maximum in a project I am working on then suddenly taking a step back from it. This way I put in my best efforts and when I look back at it later I can observe what could be done better and during the process of staying away new ideas always linger in my head.
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