Mandatory Volunteering

Topics: University, Canada, United States Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Ayxan Aghasafli. Group C1
Reading and Writing IV
Persuasive essay – The rough draft
Date: 02.01.2013
Students and Mandatory Volunteering
Does mandatory volunteering differ from “slavery”? According to this project, a student has to spend his or her particular time to service for community for free in order to graduate from the university. It is fact that in some countries (United States of America, Canada) mandatory volunteering is still used, and in their experience, it works effectively. They say that mandatory volunteering not only develops some skills, but also teaches the future life to the student and it is a kind of preparation for them. In my opinion, they can find more useful and interesting thing than mandatory volunteering in order to graduate from the university, and it should not be required. Initially, the main problem is lack of time. You have to spend 40 (in Chicago) hours for free in order to graduate from your university. Even in Jefferson Parish, 60 hours were expected of each student. However, you can spend this time for a lot of things such as preparing for exams, doing other paid activities or at least a little rest. According to one Canadian guy (J. Carter), sometimes this period of time is not planned right. In some universities, they are required whenever the university wants. For this reason they have to miss their important meetings or other activities. Also Carter mentioned that in some universities mandatory community service is too near to the time when students have to prepare for their exams and this factor is opposite to their preparations. In this case the lack of time makes students stressed. As Carter stated, “If you are a student in Canada, you are in need of a lot of time for doing extra homework as a paid job”. For most of the students mandatory volunteering is to force somebody to do particular activities for somebody for free. For this reason mandatory volunteering does not seem interesting to them, even they hate...
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