Manajemen Strategik

Topics: Strategic management, Pro forma, Balance sheet Pages: 11 (2908 words) Published: October 13, 2012

SCHEDULETUESDAY , 13.30 – 16.10
LECTUREDr. Hamidah MSi
Assistance Sholatia dan HM

OBJECTIVES1.Understanding to develop vision and mission statements
2.Understanding and Explain how to perform investigation result on external and internal environment
3.Understanding and implementing how to establish long term objectives and generate, evaluate, and select srategies
4.Understanding and explain how to implement strategies management issues.
5.Understanding and explain how to implement strategies marketing, finance, accounting, R &D, MIS issues


The course attend to how Students will learn about Understanding Strategic Management, as Art & science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating, cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives. The themes in strategic management are Global Considerations – impact virtually all strategic decisions; E-commerce – vital strategic management tool and Natural environment – important strategic issue


Learning Method1.Learning process is interactive which imply that the student and facilitators are partner in learning
2.The students are welcome to raise questions and express their opinion with regards to the subjects being discussed and learnt in the class.
3.The class is the medium for learning and sharing activities for either the students or facilitator.
4.The students are encouraged to share their ideas in order to enrich the learning process. References1.David, Fred R, Strategic Management Concept and Cases, West Publishing Company, Edisi terbaru

Hitt, Michael A, Strategic Management,Competitiveness & Globalization , Ireland, Robert & Hoskisson, Ninth Edition,South Western, Thompson: 2005.

2.Chen, Stephen, Strategic Management of e-business, 2nd ed, Sanfransisco-John Willey 2005
3.Internet, Koran, majalah, journal, dan bulletin lainnya

Grading Criteria1. Weekly Individual and group Presentation+kehadiran(20%)
2. Individual Task = Short paper, theory, or case presentation(10%)
3. Group Task = pembahasan teori dari buku manajemen stratejik dan problem solving for case in strategic management (R David), business issues in indonesia (10%)
4. Mid Term Exam (30%)
5. Final Exam (30%)


Pertemuan KeT o p i k

IOverview of Strategic Management

1The Nature of Strategic Management
2Key Terms in Strategic Management
3The Strategic Management Model
2 (18/9/12)
Stategy Formulation
1The Business Vision and Mission
2Apa Bisnis Kita, Pentingnya pernyataan Visi dan Misi
3Karakteristik Pernyataan Misi
4Perspektif lingkungan Hidup: proaktif thp lingkungan
5Perspektif e-comerce: Bisnis melalui Internet

3 (27/9/12)The External Assessment
1Hakekat audit. Eksternal
2Pandangan Organisasi Industrial: kekuatan ekonomi , sosial budaya, demografi dan lingkungan.
3Analisis Kompetitif
4Tantangan Global
Presentasi kelompok 1
4 (2/10/12)The Internal Assessment (Penilaian Internal)
1Pandangan berbasis Budaya: Mengintegrasikan Budaya dan Strategi
Presentasi kelompok 2
5 (9/10/12)Long term objectives
Tujuan Jangka Panjang
Tipe strategi: Strategi Integrasi, Strategi Intensif, Strategi Diversifikasi
Strategi Defensif, Strategi generik Michael Porter,Cara untuk mencapai strategi.
Manajemen Strategi untuk organisasi Nirlaba dan Perusahaan Kecil Kelompok 3
6 (16/10/12)Strategy Análysis and Choice
Kerangka verja Perumusan Strategi
Tahap input (in put stage), Tahap pencocokkan (matching stage)
Tahap Keputusan (Decision Stage)
Cultural aspect of strategy choice
The Politic of...
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