Managment Decision Problems

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Reina Regaldo
University Of Belize
Management Information System
Assignment 1
1. Management Decision Problem
Snyders of Hanover, which sells more than 78 million bags of pretzels, snack chips, and organic snack items each year, had its financial department use spreadsheets and manual processes for much of its data gathering and reporting. Hanover's financial analyst would spend the entire final week of every month collecting spreadsheets from the heads of more than 50 departments worldwide. She would then consolidate and re-enter all the data into another spreadsheet, which would serve as the company's monthly profit-and-loss statement. If a department needed to update its data after submitting the spreadsheet to the main office, the analyst had to return the original spreadsheet and wait for the department to re-submit its data before finally submitting the updated data in the consolidated document. Assess the impact of this situation on business performance and management decision making.

Data gathering and reporting by manual process can affect the business as humans mistakes happen with the data entry. It is also time consuming as it keeps back the completion of the profit and loss statements, as some departments inquire to update data after submitting in which the analyst has to send the original copy and wait for completion before entering it into the final document. By collecting data of fifty headquarters at the same time and entering it into a spread sheet won’t tell which business branch is experiencing problems and if they are making a lost or a profit. It will impact the business as this spreadsheet software doesn’t specify in detail the business braches performance and will lead to make a lost in some branches. The business should implement software that will permit them to have a closer look of the business performance of each branch. If a business branch is always making mistakes in their reports the person in charge of that...
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