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Strategic And Behavioral Management Processes
Brendyn Woodruff
MGMT 302

There are many different ways to manage a workplace, and with many different strategies. A couple strategies of these include behavioral and strategic management strategies. Behavioral management strategies are recognizes the importance of human behavior patterns in shaping managerial style. Strategic management is what refers to the overall long run management. Strategic management goes hand in hand with strategic planning which consist of a few different steps in order to use Strategic management in the organization. Both strategies are can and are sometimes used in many different organizations and both have a great importance in skills for managers to run an organization.

Behavioral Management came into existence when managers observed and realized that human behavior has a great importance and a significant impact on the actions of workers. People like Mary Parker Follett, Elton Mayo, Douglas Mcgregor, and Chester Barnard were all in a sense analysts in the behavioral management realm and came up with theories or conclusions about what happens when a manager does certain things, or what the outcomes are for certain behaviors within the organization.

Mary Parker Follett, in the first decades of the 20th century, made many contributions to the behavioral perspective of management. All of her contributions were based off from her very own observations of managers performing their jobs which lead her to see that managers needed to coordinate and harmonize a group rather than just forcing people to do tasks in a work place. One of Follett’s major contributions to the behavioral management realm were the creation of her four principles of coordination to promote effective work groups. These four principles were Coordination requires that people be in direct contact with on another, Coordination is essential during the initial stages of any endeavor, and Coordination is a continuous, ongoing process. Follett also made contributions in the area of conflict management where she felt that managers could help resolve interdepartmental conflict just through communication.

Elton Mayo, a Harvard professor and management consultant, is well known primarily for the Hawthorne Effect. The Hawthorne Effect suggests that factors not specified by management may directly influence productivity and worker satisfaction. For example through the Hawthorne Effect it was found that an informal group leader in a task may have more power in that group than the actual formal supervisor.

Douglas McGregor is well known for the development Theory X and Theory Y. Mcgregor’s experience and background in psychology , variety experiences as a manager, consultant and college president is what helped him form these two theories. Theory X Suggests that an Employees attitude to work is that they will dislike it and will avoid it if possible. It also suggests that in a management perspective Employees actually must be directed and coerced, controlled, or threatened to get them to put forth adequate effort. With all these findings in theory X McGregor suggests the Authoritarian style of management. Meaning managers tell people what to do and how to do every specific task. Theory Y assumes that employees attitudes for work is that they actually enjoy it, and they seek responsibility within the workplace and want to use all their individual contributions in performing their jobs. With these and other factors Mcgregor suggests using a participator style of management (consulting with subordinates, encouraging them to take part in decision making etc.) These two theories are what McGregor is mostly known for in the Behavioral management strategy.

Chester Barnard made two major contributions to management thought in the behavioral perspective of management realm. One dealt with the functions of executives and the other was his theory of authority. Banard felt the...
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