Managing a School Effectively

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  • Published: December 29, 2010
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Changing role of the school principal

The techno century’s Leadership
- From Principals to CEO (Chief Education Officer)


The techno century’s principalship - From Principals to CEO (Chief Education Officer)

The role of the principal is multi-faceted. The techno century’s principalship in its epitomized role is about ensuring the relevance of aims, content, practices, and outcomes of formal education to digital generation. In accepting this coveted role, individual and organisational capability will be imperative, as will the development of individuals and communities to create and ‘walk’ the new paradigms. Modern school leadership also includes networking. School leaders will have to work together and share, rather than compete in their augmented roles. It will be essential that principals can not only advocate, but also implement, a win-win style of leadership, so that all give their absolute best. Principals must be involved in the design of curriculum and instruction. Principals must also take an active role in assessing the teaching that occurs in the school and, where needed, provide opportunity for teachers to improve their standards. Principals need to be able to lead in a less authoritarian style. They will need to develop within their schools a profound sense of social interest. Thus, if a principal is collegial, with a shared vision, yet still able to make the hard decisions, students and teachers will succeed and schools will become places of learning for all.

The techno century’s principalship –
From Principals to CEO (Chief Education Officer)

‘You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit.’ -Harry S. Truman

The role of school principal has always been very unambiguous to everybody- the principal and also to teachers, students and parents of the school. Writing in Creating the Future School, Beare concluded an uplifting chapter, about those who...
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