Managing Performance in Operations: Lion Park's Strategic Analysis

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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BAC BA(Hons) BUsiness Enterprise|
Lion Park Strategic Analysis|
Kgothatso Sentsho

Managing Performance in Operations


Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary3
2.1 Mission4
2.2 Strategies5
3. Performance Objectives6
3.1 Infrastructure6
3.1.1 An Amusement Park6
3.1.2 Conference Centre6
3.1.3 Bar and Restaurant expansion7
3.1.4 Shuttle Bus7
3.1.5 Science Centre7
3.1.6 Paintball Shooting & Dune buggy rides7
3.2 Five Forces Competitve Analysis for Lion Park8
A.Threats of New Entrants8
B.Power of Suppliers8
C.Power of Buyers9
D.Threats of Substitutes9
E.Intensity of Rivalries9
3.2.1 Summary of Porta’s Five Forces9
4. Stakeholders10
5. Internal Analysis11
5.1 Organizational Structure11
5.2 Problems with the Structure and Recommendations12
6.Corporate Resources13
6.1 Marketing13
6.2 Finance13
7. Conclusions and Recommendations14
2.0 Batho Maduo Consult18

1.Executive Summary
The Report discusses the already established Lion Park Resort; which was first opened in 2009, with the goal of making it achieve better, more attractive facilities and improvements in the general environment. The task which was set was by no means straightforward. A lot had to be considered before coming up with an approach to Lion Park; its markets, stakeholders, missions and visions were to be broken down and assessed. Lion Park’s current mission, vision and primary objectives are reviewed and explored in detail as well as weaknesses and areas for improvement in the current structure. An internal analysis of the channels of communication, employee structure is mapped and revised, concequentially; the external environment is looked at with great consideration and the current position of the Lion Park Resort in the compeitive entertainment market is The study concluded with a review of the firm’s strategy and current objectives that are available the company as well as recommendations offered reguarding the findings of ‘the research.

The Lion Park Resort is a water theme park entertainment facility located along the Lobatse Road, 15km away from Gaborone. It is a subsidiary of Botswana Development Corportation (BDC) and began operating in 2008. Lion Park was conceived as a Corporate Social Responsibility intiative by BDC to avail decent entertainment at affordable prices to residents of Botswana for all age catagories. This Report is made on the basis of analysing and improving all aspects of the theme park. It highlights the mission and vision, the current structures and strategies, daily operations, challenges and improvements that Lion Park has identified as well as recommandations from my assessmentt. It evaluates the current position of Lion Park, in order to develop a strategy that would be implemented to improve the current business position of the company. In oder to do this, a study was carried out to observe the internal and external environment of the company, to identify the factors driving the company strategy and the key factors of the industry. The structure of the resort is broken down and assessed accordingly and weaknesses have been identified nd the challenges the resort encounters in the internal operations as well as external marketing operations that deal with the competition at hand. 2.1 Mission

The Lion Park Mission Statement:
* To create heart-warming memorable experiences for all our visitors of all ages The Vision Statement:
Being the premier entertainment complex by;
* Providing an unique mix of quality outdoor family entertainment.                               * Being the preferred edutainment service provider for schools and other institutions providing mining, science and math experiences for scholars

* Being a competitive service provider for conferencing,...
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