Managing People-- Lenovo China

Topics: Management, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 12 (3369 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Title: managing people as illustrated in a well-known, publicly documented company (Chinese or Western) and analysed according to Managing people ideas and concepts

For : Phil Shelhaas

Date of submission: 16th December, 2011
(Word count: 2800 words)


2.0People management in Lenovo China3
2.1Introduction of Lenovo China3
2.2Approach of People management in Lenovo China4
2.2.1Overall approach4
2.2.2System of rewarding performance5
2.2.3Recruiting and selecting employees7
2.2.4Methods to improve development of employees8
2.2.5The appraisal of individual performance10
2.3Lenovo China’s leadership12
2.4Lenovo China’s organizational culture13
3.0Personal opinions on Lenovo China14


This assignment expresses and evaluates the Lenovo China’s human resource management from five parts. At stating, it introduces simply the history of Lenovo China. Then, describing and analysing approach of people management in Lenovo is the key point through five elements of overall approach, system of rewarding performance, employees’ recruitment, methods to improve development employees and the appraisal of individual performance. In particularly, the last three is talked mainly. However, the appraisal system has a little problem. Next, it mentions the leadership of Lenovo China which is mixture Chinese and western style. At end of the assignment, it gives some personal idea and recommendations on the appraisal system.


The report will appraise human recourse management and give recommendations for Lenovo China. At beginning, it will introduce the background of Lenovo China. Then it will describe Lenovo China’s approach of people management from five aspects. Especially, it will focus on selecting and developing employees as well as the appraisal. Then it will talk about Lenovo China’s leadership and organizational culture. Finally, it will give personal opinions on Lenovo China and evaluation.

2.0People management in Lenovo China

2.1Introduction of Lenovo China

The Lenovo China was established in 1984, turning the name of “Personnel Department” into “Human Resources Department” in 1995 when they had been an increasing awareness of the importance of persons (Ge, 2004). Nowadays, Lenovo China was a successful company because Lenovo China had ranked NO.450 in the ranking of the fortune Global 500 (CNN, 2011).

2.2Approach of People management in Lenovo China

2.2.1Overall approach

The overall approach of Lenovo China is the mixture of classical approach and modern management theory with combination of X and Y theory (Mullins, 2010). In classical approach (Mullins, 2010), Lenovo China do not use absolute power and control over people. They think highly of human resource, because they know the importance of the talents (Ren, 2003). In addition, Lenovo China’s leaders also communicate with employees and listen to their opinions in order to gain their trust, which could obtain more ideas for development of the corporation. In spite of this, Lenovo China still have a complete set of the corporation system to manage people (Pi, 2011). In Lenovo China, as employees are doing any work, they must comply with these three principles: 1.insisting on working according to the rules if there are rules. 2. Working according to the rules in advance and coming up with recommendations timely, if the rules are not reasonable. 3. Applying and working according to the cultural value criteria of Lenovo China, if there are no rules (Pi, 2011). Employees of Lenovo China are in a condition of relative strict control, but they will be provided properly freedom to conduct activities and take responsibilities. For instance, technicians in Lenovo China have rights to adjusting their work hours with freedom (Deng, 2002)....
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