Marriage and Communication

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A good marriage has to navigate around stress fractures from time to time. When a couple is unaware of them or chooses to just walk right over a facture in the relationship, a couple may begin to hear the crack widen. How would a couple respond if they had seen the stress fractures? Perhaps call out for help or hold on to each other and slowly walk away, from the widening crack. Perhaps hold each other for support or just push the other away and go running for the bank alone. When there is a break in communication a fracture has the potential to break a forever forward moving relationship.

Over the last couple of weeks, the class lectures have pointed to some major fractures to be avoided. Most fractures in a relationship can be navigated around through the use of life building communication.(Emerson 2004) As a couple begins to learn how to communicate, a couple can begin to appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness with which God has wired us. How might certain strategies safeguard the marriage when problems do surface?

I have provided a couple of quotes below from (Robbins 2006) Stephen Robbins the author of The Truth About Managing People. The skilled art of communication can have a lasting impact in a marriage relationship and also in the work place. “Criticize employee behaviors, not the People themselves.”

“Successful feedback focuses on specific behavior and is impersonal.”

“Feedback should be specific rather than general.”

“In addition, feedback – especially the negative kind – should be descriptive rather than judgmental or evaluative.”

The many ways to safe guard a marriage is to keep open the lines of communication open, there must be connectedness in a marriage for it to work. Tim Clinton in the (CCOU 101) Marriage you’ve always wanted presents some warning signs of poor communication. , a few of them are criticism, contempt and stonewalling. The way’s top mend a disconnected marriage is found in applying...
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