Managing International Business

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BMG307/05 Managing International Business
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Instructions: 1. TMA 2 covers Unit 3, 4 and Unit 5. 2. TMA 2 contains 3 application questions and a case study. Answer all questions. 3. TMA 2 carries 25% of your final total marks. 4. The assignment should be typed using Times New Roman, font size 12 and double spaced. The total words for this assignment should approximate 2000 words only. 5. The deadline for the submission of TMA 2 is 28-April-2013, 24.00 hours via Online Assignment Submission System.

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Question 1 (a) Discuss the pros and cons of using a single brand name in different markets. (10 marks) (b) List TWO (2) products each that can be marketed using both the same brand and different brand name. Explain your answers. (10 marks) Question 2 Provide short answers for following questions. (a) Why do different countries have different accounting standards? (3 marks) (b) List THREE (3) methods of payment used in international transaction. (3 marks) (c) What issues have to be considered for international trade payment arrangement? (4 marks) (d) Describe TWO (2) techniques to reduce transaction exposure in international transaction. (6 marks) (e) Why does MNC needs to have a transfer price policy? (4 marks) Question 3 Two managers were shorlisted for an international assignment in China. The assignment is for the position of operations manager in an electronics assembly factory with 5,000 employees. Peter is strong in technical skill; he can solve all operational problems within the factory. On the other hand, Sam is strong in building relationships, no bad publicity situations will arise under his charge. There are no other differences between both of them. Who will you select for the international assignment? Why? (20 marks)

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