Managing Customer Relations

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ICA 2 – Group Project

Chanel Chan Qing 113327G
Camelia Teo 112850K
Adbul Rahman Simatupang 112420E
Murzainy Bin Mukhtar 111815K
Victoria Goh 113760M
Yap Jia Jia 115292C

Class: BM1134 (BP)
Company: Food for thought
Interviewee: Mr. Pala (Manager)

Summary of Individual Roles
Camelia Teo | * Executive Summary * Company Description, background * Note taking of interview| Murzainy Bin Mukhtar| * CRM planning process * CRM implementation process * Interview| Adbul Rahman Simatupang | * Impact of CRM on Sales and Marketing Strategy * Interview| Yap Jia Jia| * Outcome of CRM implementation * Note taking of interview| Victoria Goh | * Lesson Learnt * 1st Editing & compiling * Cover page, table of content * Interview| Chanel Chan Qing| * Conclusion * Future Plans of company’s CRM strategy * 2nd editing|

Table of Content| Page Number|
Executive Summary| 4|
Company’s Background| 4|
CRM Planning Process| 4-5|
CRM Implementation Process| 5|
Impact of CRM on Sales and Marketing strategy| 5-6|
Outcome of CRM implementation| 6|
Conclusion & future plans of Company’s CRM Strategy| 6-7| Lesson Learnt| 7|
Appendices/ References| 8|

Executive Summary
Food For Thought is a Food and Berverages social enterprise, that aims to serve quality food to its customers. While serving customers, they aim to give back to the community as well. The company does not have a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, and feels that they do not need to do so yet, as it is still a relatively small company. However, they have already started out with the CRM strategy, focusing on doing small things like building rapport with customers, identifying loyal customers and dispatching information via social media. This helps them to gather customers feedback by collating the responses and discussing about them during meetings, to see if there is an alternative, or a solution to the problem. However, not all feedbacks can have a solution as there are shortages of certain resources such as manpower, turnover rate and space in shop area. Overall, Food For Thought is a successful organisation despite not having a CRM system. They are able to generate high profits every month due to loyal customers and customers who frequent that area. Company’s Background

Food for Thought is a Food and Beverage Restaurant (F&B) that sells western-styled food. It started out as a café in North Bridge Road. After a few years of establishment, the company decided to open another outlet at a nearby location of a larger space and closed down the café. Currently, there are 2 outlets (Queen Street and Botanical Gardens). They sell a variety of foods including salads, pastas, pancakes, cakes and desserts. The company has 2 selling points that differentiate them from other restaurants. First, the ambience provides a good place for customers to relax and hang out with family or friends. The overall layout emits a homely touch. Using recycled items, they decorate the restaurant with 540 jars of emptied pasta sauce. Secondly, they practice societal marketing concept by giving back 10% of their yearly profit to charity organizations. Their 5 missions include ‘Give clean water, ‘Feed good food, ‘Make poverty history ‘, ‘Teach them all’ and ‘Inspire kind acts’. (Refer to appendix A) CRM Planning Process

Through the interview conducted, we found out that Food for Thought have yet to implement CRM system....
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