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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Managing Change from a gender perspective by Robert Paton and Linda Dempster.2002.Great Britain. European Management Journal Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 539–548,book reviewed by Siti Hajarul Aishah Bt Abd Razak Robert Paton is the head of department of Business and Management at University of Glasgow and Manager Director for the University’s Business school. His current research includes an evaluation of competency and business-focused management development programmes, and the effective management of change. Meanwhile, Linda Dempster is a senior manager in Department of Social Security and a graduate of the University of Glasgow. She is also do research on gender bias and influence.

We can say the paper reviewed here are the discussion about the differences of managing style between woman and man. This paper is contributing towards more understanding in the change managing image since there are many types of it. The introduction starts with summary of the whole paper by the author where the author state the purpose of doing this research in order to examines the differences between man and women approach in managing change. We can see the understanding of the writer when he state “the manner in which change is approached and the techniques and models employed to handle it can be subject to varying interpretation and acceptance among gender”

This paper continues with the literature review about the gender and change management where most of the review states about the style between man and women. The writer shows us that women style are more open, collaborative , person oriented and empowering meanwhile male are more directive and aggressive. Also, it is stated that male are the transactional style meanwhile women are more transformational style.

We can also see in the next subtopic which is “nurture or nature” where the writer discusses about the criteria of male where the male are better in spatial task and mathematical reasoning compared to female which more...
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