Managerial Decision Making: Case Analysis for Fmb&T

Topics: Management, Information technology, Organization Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Managerial Decision Making: Case Analysis for FMB&T
Lori Dutkovich
Principles of Management MGT2037
May 31, 2011
Dr. Nadia Brown, Adjunct Instructor

The reason Ms. Cole feels stress in the current situation is the lack of clarity in her responsibility and authority within the organization as well as clarity in the relationship between IT and the bank’s other departments. There is frustration in the fact that there was no one defined as coordinator between the other departments and IT. This leaves Ms. Cole in the position of facilitator which is not readily accepted by the other department managers. Solutions are expected immediately, regardless of what organizational lines the problems cross or how vaguely the problems are presented to the IT department. Ms. Cole is also frustrated with the lack of recognition of talent within the IT department. She feels that there is too much talent being under utilized by the bank. Rather than being the presenters of innovative ideas that could further the goals of the bank, the IT staff has been reduced to the position of trouble shooters and maintenance personnel for the current technology.

Ms. Cole’s issues should be addressed in a timely manner. The first issue at hand is the need for a clearly defined description of her position and the duties for which she is responsible. Because she is the chief information officer, she has complete authority over the IT personnel. Ms. Cole will act as coordinator between her personnel and the departments within the bank. Although they report directly to her, each IT tech would also report to the department manager to which she has assigned them. The technician in each department will be responsible for passing along pertinent information to the department manager as well as the staff in their respective department. Any ideas for upgrades will be presented to the department manager for approval before proceeding with upgrades. Coordination between...
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