Case Study: Jack Carlisle, Cio

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CASE STUDY: Jack Carlisle, CIO
Deb S.
Florida Institute of Technology
MGT 5154 - Advanced Management of Information Systems
September 11, 2010
Executive Summary
IZL hired Jack Carlisle to restructure and reorganize its Information Technology (IT) department for its growing financial services organization. Our company is overwhelmed with internal turmoil which has seen the abrupt resignation of the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chuck Hansen. The newly appointed CEO, Jim Giles, the former newly hired Chief Operating Officer (COO), seems to playing office politics and is trying to develop his own inner circle. Jack Carlisle, who is a straight shooter must assess the changes needed, both strategic and tactical, in an environment in which the IT department was not well managed to align with business operations, and, is constantly scrutinized and criticized, both professionally and personally by fellow executives. This company is beset by numerous internal issues that range from the lack of business strategy, and internal conflicts to leaders who are not prepared for the job responsibilities to run a large private company. The lack of integrated business objectives with IT has brought about a major shakeup in the leadership structure and caused the company’s finances to decline. There is a need for a new corporate foundation within this company if it is to remain competitive. This will require a shared effort and a new corporate culture for success within all the departments and amongst all the executive managers. A pragmatic business strategy must be developed where information technology will play a major part in the alignment. In this document, the problem, recommended and alternative solutions, and implementation strategies will be discussed.

Key Issues
1. The company is afflicted with an unclear and poorly executed business strategy and has not revised it to reflect a more current and demanding business environment. Currently, the strategy being used was never fully and officially instituted. There are frequent conflicts within the organization on how the different business departments are to interrelate and coexist with each other. Furthermore, the current strategy has excluded the IT department from any/all of the business policies. This limits the ability of the organization to make critical business decisions supported with real-time data. 2. The need for upper management to recognize the importance of IT integration in the organization is essential for business growth. Since assuming my role as CIO, the IT department has shifted from a reactive state to a proactive role, which now frees up my IT personnel for more important issues. Reports are now being produced on a more consistent basis which consists of real-time metrics, which will help the organization with efficiency and performance issues. 3. The need for a structured corporate culture is imperative for the company to survive and thrive in a competitive corporate environment. Supporting Argument

The lack of a Business Strategy is apparent in this company. The IT personnel had begun thinking on how to better align the organization with the IT systems. By questioning department managers on how to better serve them, the IT staff discovered that the current Business Strategy was not clear and open to interpretation. This caused the individual department managers to interpret their own version of the company’s corporate strategy. The IT staff had opened up an apparent old wound when the manager’s realized they were not all on the same page, and labeled them as “troublemakers.” My staff, or as they were now being referred to as “the troublemakers”, under my tutelage and direction, are challenging the norm by trying to improve the overall QOS of our IT services. To say that the company is in need of a corporate identity/culture is an understatement. From the top down, there is an apparent lack of respect for one...
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