Management Studies Assignments

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Leadership Pages: 10 (3317 words) Published: May 3, 2013
* Introduction
* Strategic direction of the organization
* Strategic skills and ambitions
* Opportunities in supporting the leadership development
* Implementation process for the plan
* Achievements of the outcomes of the objectives
* Impact of the achievements
* Leadership development plan
* Impact of Health and safety responsibility
* Organization culture
* Quality in achieving the strategic ambitions
* References

Sainsbury group is well known food Retailers Corporation which provides better range of services to customers residing in the localities of London. This group was established in 19th century hosting history of over 125 yrs. Clients of Sainsbury group always deem provide wide range of grocery products to the customers which offers better accessing options. In 1980 company explored their business activities to other nations as a part of globalization process. For such activities company succeeded in hosting better range of policies which helped the group to stabilize economical circumstances in the group. By 1990s Sainsbury groups successful placed its outlets in an around 90 nations citing London as their major headquarters. As efforts of different managerial activities company succeeded gaining much popularity in marketing areas. In general clients of group always prefer to make better quality products to the customers which are also a main source of success for the group. In order to provide such range of opportunities for the customers Sainsbury Corporation needs to engage a perfect management process for the group. Moreover this research provides initiatives concerning with the concept of managerial and development activities in the organization. All the process in the group must be in a strategic format pattern and individuals responsible for hosting such strategies are basically termed to be the strategic managers of the group. (Our history, 2010) Strategy initiative provides enough supporting action to the managers of the group to obtain objectives and goals of the group. It defines a perfect path for organization to achieve the future destiny of the group. More over strategy is the essential format determined by the company planning managers which integrate various allocations of resources and utilizing them for achieving goals of organization in the business environment. In general the concept of strategy management is the significant concept for Sainsbury Corporation in order allocates various resources in the group. Strategic managements is all about identifying and evaluating various circumstances by means of which manager of Sainsbury corporation can built a perfect path for achieving the goals and objectives of the group. As a strategic manager individual of the group needs to perform SWOT analysis activities in order trace the elements which provide better business options in the business environment. Strategic management provides enough perspective to the manager for understanding various core issues such as resources, availability of labor, technology and other elements which contribute for the success of group in the business environment. As a strategic manager individual needs to ensure themselves with all essential planning patterns and concepts in order allocate wide range of resources for processing an event in the group. Moreover strategic management process is the enough patterns for the authorities of Sainsbury Corporation to look after the process in the path of achieving goals and objective of the group. In further discussion of this research many further issues concerning with strategic management and personal development are essentially elaborated. (Strategic management,2010) Strategic direction of organization

Sainsbury group holds perfect course of actions which enables the group to attain various tasks for the group and achieve goals and objectives of the organization. In general company strategic...
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