Analysis of Power and Politics Within Healthcare

Topics: Strategic management, Health care, Management Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Analysis of Power and Politics within Healthcare Organizations

Dolores Metoyer

Ashford University
Analysis of Power and Politics within Healthcare Organizations

Power and politics are natural in every type of organizations. Organizational performances hinges on the political makeup of the organization, and the people that holds the power within the organization. ( Influence is usually exerted through the use of this power and is usually associated with the primary mission and vision of the organization. (Johnson 2009) Political ideas, economy and health care sometimes acts as precursors to conflict. Power facilitates the influence health care organizations experiences, and this can be derived from the structure of the organization and individuals involved in the organization. (Johnson 2009) Generally, actions taken outside the bounds of established organizational processes leads to political games. There are three political games that health professionals may pursue in their organization that would motivate their intent to gain power or influence control.

Empire building involves front line leaders (i.e., directors, managers, line supervisors, etc.) that are considered expert power builders. They are lead by the assumption of attaining a power base within the organization. Empire building accumulates resources to build up the organization, to attain and accumulate key essential resources to build their power base and move up the ladder. (Johnson 2009, pg. 144) Internal competition is about exercising the power, rather than between rival individuals. Empire building is a single act that binds the organizational units together with any professional groups within the organization. This political attempt strengthens one’s basis for power through expansion of organized territory. The many demands of this game are for mid-level mangers ( assistant directors, managers, charge nurses) to change...
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