Management of Berger Paint Bangladesh

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Management of Berger Paint Bangladesh Limited

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Executive Summary

Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is the largest paint manufacturer and distributor in Bangladesh. With its strong distribution network, Berger has reached most part of the country. The company has successfully established itself as one of the most recognizable brands and a supplier of modern paint solutions. The company maintained a healthy and steady growth rate in sales, with an average of 27% in the last four years. Average ROE is 36% while average ROA is 20% for the last five years. The company also maintained a high dividend payout ratio with an average of 89% for the last five years. The company is currently free of all debt.

Historical Background and introduction to BERGER

Berger Paints began its painting in Bangladesh since independence. And this has been a footstep to bring more than 230 years of global paint industry experience into Bangladesh. Over the decades, Berger has evolved to becoming the leading paint solution provider in this country and has diversified into every sphere of the industry -from Decorative Paints to Industrial Coatings, from Marine Coatings to Power Coatings and what not. To give a comprehensive and sustainable painting solution to the need of the industry, Berger has invested more on technology and Research & Development (R & D) than any other manufacturer in this market. It selects the raw materials from some of the best-known names in the world: MITSUI, MOBIL, DUPONT, HOECHST, and BASF are a few to name. The superior quality of Berger's products has been possible because of support from its advanced plants and an international-standard of strict quality. Following TQM it ensure the best to managing its efforts. Mission of Berger as a Group

Organization’s mission refers to management’s customized answer to the question “what is the business of the company and what will it be”. A mission statement broadly outlines the organization’s future direction and serves as a guiding concept for what the organization is to do and to become. The mission of the Berger as a Group is; “Our consumer products will be the preferred partner in the supply of branded coating systems, services and hardware products for use in construction and home improvement, through innovation and a profound understanding of our customers and consumers.”

Visions of Berger as a Group

The visions of the Berger Group are:
"Making a good business great"
Great businesses;
Never injure anyone ever
Delight their customers
Deliver their promises
Have the best people
Are good corporate citizens
Are professional in everything they do

Short term marketing objective

BERGER’s short-term objective is to attained product wise profit by increasing distribution channel throughout the country and launching new product to meet the demand.

Long-term marketing objective

BERGER’s long-term objective is to attain the market share and producing product to satisfy customer that fulfill the organizational goal

Scope of the Company

Berger Bangladesh Ltd. Focus to national strategy rather than regional. They covers 64 districts of Bangladesh, many of those are directly by dealers and others are indirectly. They don’t export the product of Bangladesh to other countries but raw materials of those products are imported from foreign countries. They don’t sell on online basis but they provide service by the help of E-Mail...
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