Management Information Systems

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Managing Information System In Organisation

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Table of Content
Introduction of Company1
SWOT Analysis2
Implemented Technology4
Security Risk6
System Recovery7
Implementation of IT in Ford Motors8
Powering Ford innovation8
Relationship between Microsoft and Ford develop9
Ford SYNC powered by Microsoft11

Introduction of Company
Ford Motor company is one of the largest companies in the world that manufactures cars and trucks. Ford ability to make automobiles affordable for the masses is cited as a driving force behind both the automobile industry and the creation of a middle class in America. This company also engaged in other business, including financing vehicles. Ford Motor Company operates in two sectors, there are Automotive and Financial Services. Ford Motor Credit is one of the US’s leading auto finance companies. This company was established on June 1919.

Ford Motor Company also the second largest company in the world with revenue around of $140 bilion, has more than 370.000 employess in more than 200 countries. Ford founded the company in various countries, Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond, that takes into account the demographic and geographic needs of the country, and builds cars specifically for them, for example in Southeast Asia, Ford produces several types of cars that design of economical petrol. Ford Motor Company produces all of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands but they also have part ownership with Volvo, Mazda, Aston Marin and until recently Land Rover and Jaguar. Ford vehicles are produced in many different assembly plants in many different countries around the world, like North America, Mexico, Chicago, Canada, Michigan, United States, Tukey and many other countries.

Ford has more than 69 production sites around the world. The end of 2012 net sales break down geographically as follows : North America (60,3%), Europe (25,9%) and others (13,8%). This remaining equity are owned by institutions (52,19%), funds (22,79%) insiders (0,47%)

SWOT Analysis
* Stability and Predictability
Ford is the first company, which has predictability in large scale-management in manufacturing of cars. In addition, Ford has been serving the world’s consumers with quality automobiles for decades, and will not be going away any time soon. Consumer believe that Ford has stability to produce a few cars a day that was reasonably priced, reliable, and efficient. Ford also produce innovative alternative cars. * Brand Recognition and Loyalty

It has very strong brand name and that is the reason that makes it the biggest manufacturer of automaker, and all of the poeople around the world were known about that because of their long track record of producing quality cars. Ford also present in Motorsports like Formula One, Rally, Sports cars, Touring cars & sponsorship of events. * Global Presence

The company sells vehicles in across continents around the world, and has a presence so strong in manufacturer of automaker and has excellent visibility & marketing, so this company can survive in 180 countries around the world. * Ford has very high employee productivity

* High Exposure to Europe
28.13% of Ford’s volume was derived from European sales in 2011, a market that is more likely to contract in the coming years than expand, as the people in the European Union face potential necessary austerity measures * Low Exposure to Asia-Pacific

Only 15.82% of Ford’s volume was derived from Asia-Pacific sales in 2011, the fastest growing segment of their business (7.52% growth from 2010 to 2011) because many countries in Asia-Pacific...
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