Management Case Study 2

Topics: Change, Thing, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Case for Critical Analysis (Case Study Two: Mgmt 203)
1) What forces for change are evident at the Oconomo plant? (5)

The forces for change that are evident at the Oconomo plant are the callenges dealing with high labor cost. As a result Lamprey is deciding to lower wages from $16 to $1.60 per hour. Also the union and Oconomo are disagreeing with this new change taking place with the wages.

2) Which of the forces in force-field analysis do you think would be more powerful than the other in this situation?

Between the two forces I think the Driving Force would be more powerful than the other in this situation. The greatest force that drives the company to expect change is that it’s operating at a high cost and instead of giving returns it’s giving out loses. As a result, the aim of the company is to make changes so that it can appreciate profits in the future. In additional to there being high cost the thing that needs to be understood is that in order for the company to meet its operations it must realize some of the returns from what it has invested. Having invested in the company the managers and shareholders should expect that the company is going to provide sufficient returns which will be shared and at the same time enable the company to stay in the market. There also exist the risks of the competitors who are in the market currently. For the company to make it in the market, it must change its working conditions so that they fit with the current market situation. Another problem is the workers point of refusing to cooperate. The company is planning to reduce the amount of pay it’s going to provide to its workers with a significant drop. This is a great problem which workers are not ready to accept the desired change of the company. Another force for change is that competitors are in the market and of late they have threatened the company from the services and products that they are providing to the society. Quality is one thing that the...
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