Management and Personal Effectiveness

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  • Published : August 16, 2006
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Development Plan
1. Introduction
As a MBA student I have entered a different kind of challenging phase of my academic life, it is not only the environment of the new class but also new way of life. A successful accomplishment of studying post-graduate depends on what kind of goal will I create and what kind of strategy will I execute. So I need to create a goal because with this goal, I will keep myself motivated to my own goal and I will try my best to attain it and not give up easily. Graduated from Malaspina University-College with wide vision, more knowledge, soft-skills, and hard-skills about business and how to communicate with others is my ultimate goal. And I hope after I get my degree from the university, I could get accepted in one of the best multi-national company in Canada as a future leader and know how to do it. In the study plan and personal development plan, I am going to explain my steps to achieve my goals.

2. Part 1: Study Plan
In the study plan I determine three objectives that I think important, those are :

2.1. Establishing a schedule for my study
I had been experiencing some unmanaged academic activities before I have arrived in Malaspina University College. My habit is often to postpone my assignment and rarely study for preparing tomorrow class, and because of that I seldom achieved good grades in exams and assignments. So that, I will have to improve my time management by making all my activities in scheduled from the beginning of Pre-MBA program until the end of MBA program. For example, everyday after the class I will evaluate and review what I did in the classroom. Having some exercise at the gym for a while between four and five o'clock, then I will prepare for the next day class. To make it balanced, I will have some sport and hang-out with my friends on the weekends.

2.2.Enhancing language skills
Because I think English is important, and as my initiate step to the course. I plan to develop my language skills in :

2.2.1. Speaking
I am going to improve my ability speaking English by watching TV every two days and also initiating myself to speak more often to other people for 4 months starting July. In order to speak English fluently, I will discipline myself to speak whenever I speak, learn how to express myself and idea in a proper way, and also communicate more with my peers. For example, speak more in the class, make a relationship with other student and the community, and would join community clubs in the city.

2.2.2. Writing
Since my writing skills are not good, I will increase my writing ability with studying grammar and expanding my vocabulary to improve my writing from the Pre-MBA course until the end of the MBA course. This ability is important to me, because I will have a lot of papers to write during the course. To make the assignment done and meet the requirement, I will finish my papers two days before due date. I will also read many books like "The world's writing systems" by Daniels, P.T. to broaden my knowledge about grammar and also vocabulary. Besides that, I will have to learn how to make good academic research in good composition, how to make citations from journals or books, and how to make references.

2.2.3. Reading
Sometimes I cannot read and understand so fast, so I need to repeat it again. In Pre-MBA and MBA program I will have a lot of reading during the program. Therefore, I will read more books, at least 25 pages per day, in order to improve my reading technique starting in July. Every time I have read a book, I will evaluate myself by making notes about it and about the content and what knowledge I have got from the book.

2.2.4 Listening
I still cannot understand people if they speak to fast, especially my Canadians friends, because of that I will listen to the radio twice a week in four months, especially about news shows or talk shows to improve my listening ability.

2.3 To inculcate discipline in my work
The orientation...
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