Management and Mcd2040 Managing People

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Managing People and Organisations
Equivalent to MU:MGC1010, MGF1010, MGW1010

Unit Outline

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MCD2040 Managing People and Organisations
Unit Leader: Campus: Phone: Email: Ann Tahirovski Clayton 9905-8213

Team Leader Phone: Email:

Suresh Perera 9903 4365

Introduction Teaching and learning method Learning resources Assessments Policies 1 2 11 13 17

Unit Outline | MCD2040 Managing People and Organisations |

This is a core unit in the Diploma of Business and the foundation unit for its majors in Management and Human Resource Management. This unit discusses: the nature of managerial work in organisations; theories of management and their historical development; contemporary issues and practices relating to managing people and organisations; and key factors in the organisation's environment that impact on how managers and organisations work.

This unit aims to develop your knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities in management studies and give them a sound framework for further studies in business and commerce.

Learning objectives
When you have completed this unit, you are expected to be able to:

• • • •

define management and summarise the evolution of management ideas on how managers may influence, people, organisations and their contexts to achieve organisational goals. This includes an awareness of the cultural contexts of the original source and the development and contemporary application of management theory and practice. identify and discuss contextual factors in the organisation's environment that impact on how people, managers and organisations interact describe how decision-making, planning, leading, organising and controlling can be managed in organisations examine the impact on individuals and organisations of contemporary issues in management, including stakeholder interests, ethics and social responsibility apply the skills of academic writing, research, questioning and analysis required of the management discipline.

Unit structure
This unit covers the following topics: 1. Introduction to Organisations and Managers 2. Management Yesterday and Today 3. Understanding and doing academic research, writing and referencing 4. The external environment 5. The internal environment 6. Social responsibility, managerial ethics and sustainable management 7. 8. 9. Decision making and Planning Organising and HRM Leadership bus-2040-uo-010612-v1.0-da 1

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Unit Outline | MCD2040 Managing People and Organisations |

10. Motivating Employees 11. Foundations of Control 12. Review and exam preparation

Teaching and learning method
This unit involves one 2 hour lecture per week and one 3 hour tutorial per week. Hours of independent study expected per week: minimum of 8 hours. This includes time spent in preparing for and completing assessment tasks, and time spent in general study, revision, and examination preparation. You are expected to attend lectures and tutorials, prepare for lectures by completing required readings and prepare for tutorials by completing weekly homework activities. You are also expected to use the unit site in Blackboard. This unit adopts a...
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