Management and Leadership: Compare and Contrast

Topics: Leadership, Learning, Education Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Compare and Contrast Paper
Management and Leadership

My ultimate goal is to become an accounting instructor in a high school or a school of higher learning such as a technical college or university. After achieving my bachelor’s degree in accounting I would like to peruse my masters in accounting and eventually a teaching certificate. Specifically, my direct goal once achieving the necessary course credits would be to teach in a high school setting. I still remember to this day, the profound affect my accounting instructor had on me in high school which ultimately leads me into the field of accounting and finance.

My plan on achieving this goal is complex. Today, I already possess an associate’s degree in accounting and have been a position of an accountant, controller and chief financial officer. By completing my bachelor’s degree, I will have taken one more step to achieving my goal. I currently have 25yrs of accounting and financial experience working for various different industries. I also was fortunate to own my own entertainment business where I learned to apply my leadership and financial skills. Another plan is to volunteer, once I complete my bachelor’s degree program. I feel that by volunteering with various types or organizations, I can learn to apply the natural leadership skills I feel I already possess and hone the skills that I have learned in this course. Also, by spending time volunteering, I can apply what I have learned through the years of working in a formal job and expand my teaching skills upon others with my knowledge and leadership style. This will allow me to see within myself what leadership traits I possess that are strong and what leadership trait I possess that need to be strengthened and what leadership traits I do not possess at all that I will need to learn in order to obtain my goal in becoming a teacher and educator.

One aspect, which I feel is a positive one for me, is the incorporation of the style...
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