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Information System Briefing

Anastasia Kodofakas


February 3, 2013
Kem Prince

Information System Briefing

The process in selecting and implementing an information system within a health care organization requires much consideration and resources to ensure quality, safety and efficiency for patient delivery and the organization as a whole. Improving the quality of care and service while attempting to reduce costs within the organization is vital in the way organizations must function and survive today. Factors to consider “involve various roles that stakeholders, clinicians, administrative, and patients play in the process to decide which system best suits the organization (eHealth Initiative, 2011). This briefing will discuss the process of selecting and acquiring an information system, how the organizations goals drive the selection, and the roles of the organizations stakeholder play in the selection and acquisition process. Process for Selecting and Acquiring an Information System

To select and acquire an information system, stakeholders from each department should participate in the system selection from the beginning. It is important that all appointed stakeholder contributes their input so that the information and terminology provided can be understood accurately to every department to avoid confusion. Once the stakeholders are established the structure for selecting an information system usually comprises of two steering committees. The first committee consists of administrators who can identify pertinent issues at the institutional level, decide strategic plans, and make operational decisions while the second, a system selection task force, includes staff that can identify the functional requirements of the information systems, conduct site visits, evaluate the detailed functions of potential systems, and work directly with vendors. Often, the use of external consultant may be necessary to provide...
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